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Know this and you're like are you Mike from America all window from the outback the you mind blown yeah you really hit me he is my friend stole them you're going to get there not Galvin Asian you don't look good buddies Asian come with me if you really want to go to Barcelona yeah I know I was going to make sure you know that it's Barcelona I thought the land but a lot watch the movie if after a couple of early even though what the movie he was on it because he doesn't know what get move the one with Penelope Cruz yeah is that the key Cristina Barcelona that to the last yeah Vicky Cristina what is it about two girls who just so beautiful and should never be on the same screen together okay it's it's sama high and bell beaker and some high ex husband was a name how do you get anything done with that there are different like them a couple times are different but if they have something like that your daily departed militarily departed still well all believe the palm whatever Beilby are wonderful thank you I'm excited yet next week I have like I do have a bunch of stuff this week for next week no no no no I'm saying I have a bunch of them this week so I can't really do anything but next week is what I'm going to sit down and like actually plan on my day trips and print out my ticket I was going to schedule stuff I have a call of that I'm sure Rio right I guess I will do daily check of the guys will be able to like if only use what we'll follow major millions over medians of I'm not gonna just disappear dad so what or I might I don't know maybe on the take a whole break and just like not be on social media not talk to anybody I went on a trip to Barcelona against your friend's wishes she went by herself that's a that's how it started yeah I know how it ends that pesky DNA why is it against your wishes that you that you want me to go and have a good time now you're saying I was worried about you wow one well you look just like your boss okay well then yeah what church of your refund let's say folly like Santa Claus which is what's called she's over and over here now any of those lines which is probably tearing it like the Google glass says I guess where those yeah be live arose tool for five minutes yeah we were so they're probably like super cheap now well you know it's not Segway is still on a Segway hell not so expensive so it was always to grant one company making all the sex this is the world they will see a bald one on one I want because they have Segways down at the river walk in Tampa and like I always see people going on those towers so it from but I also don't want to listen to a tour guide and have to go out there's no need like I want to go I would say if they would like to do a stupid scooters yeah yeah German go all week let's can we go Segway racy I want I want yeah I'm in getting on for here if you live each of you by a single okay it is very easy for any else for you and then that's it love you guys tomorrow on the show is Wednesday Galvin all the brand new open letter we'll be joined by a friend named Colin Quinn you know him from multiple things including MTV's remote control restore his but sing along with Colin he for sale on Java dot it calling point is gonna be coming to town we'll talk about that tomorrow then on Thursday Friday no the week and if you listen I'm not doing that we have more money coming to Vegas don don right after now Spanish yes discovery today right yes what's Bobbi above a he's got a friend who owns a false replace old one yes I want to call them please use your Miami yes because they are killing the return of the home right now I want to bring this printer over there to get those were ready to upholstery I do they do it yes thank you for giving definitely I dream last night Kelly if you told me she had sex with the Jack black choose like utilization review at night when I was there and we have it off and make you know and go to still we're that is a very weird dream are you someone who might have well that's odd check us out on Instagram dot com slash the Mike how the show Facebook same thing of course on the Twitter box you guys have a great day the after shows a Max followed by Roger J. peer Monica who do you see my his brother dead yeah it does look like he'd be my my brother my brother is a little bit extra chromosome have a great day we'll see you guys tomorrow by why is my imagination of nine year old time and it is only in Michigan.

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