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And i think get one other guy but um but i they asked me to do up mutley and and i you know whoever whoever did that we thing in that laughing had pleurisy assumption you know like croup something just something because that that weaving i tried to do it in every but he's tried to do it nobody can do it it's like this uh i can last for like one and a half second but at that in nemec linke i'm gonna you know so i had to figure out another way to do it to try to found like that guy and i i put my hitched up to the right side of my face and ice push it into my gums as hard as i can i try to squeeze the era of networks it works about eighty five percent of state yeah yeah yeah yes shh shh and um you know you'd be like a fact all rattled me more yes while practical that's how he would zairean his language i love doing it because he's a star of the show and all i have to do is mumbo under my breath and and snickered ratzinger said synthetic fats are forever oh yeah but i mean you'll love it if you've seen um it's been on its eye on phnom online at believe it's not argue they're all over the air programming um i don't think it's television per se i mean um the internet is pretty much my chaldean i guess you know i i'll willie get up from that i just looked for things day and night obama dumber information junkie well i'll check out both boomerang and the cartoon network it's it's the same family and he i am end i think people will really love it and k m i've done like sixty shopping episodes of it local working on it for two years and uh let's see um and then of course mad graining oh east of rent a used to run into me and john dimaggio and maurice lamarche like a certain future aama rap parties and off at universal and we couldn't get near um you know we know.

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