Charlottesville discussed on Therapy for Black Girls - Session 21: How Racism Impacts Our Mental Health


Hey thanks so much for joining me procession tony one of the therapy for black girls podcast so today i wanna talk with you all of valid how racism impacts are mental health you know given the recent events in charlottesville in gis again increasing racism and increasing white supremacy and the increasing violence that i feel like we're experiencing inches is feeling very tough and very heavy but i know many of us have been feeling like this for a very long time on i have to be honest with you it was very difficult for me to even feel very connected to anything really this weekend because it just feels like every time you turn around there something else happening so i i want to talk with with you a little bit about how this impacts are mental health and really give you all some tips that i'm also china practice myself to try to make sure that i can continue to show up for myself in my family in for you guys in ways that i hope um strengthens our communities in our families on me want to encourage you to do the same thing um so really when you think about just all of the things that we have to go through just being human right we did with losses in our lives in difficult relationships struggle that work in school in different areas and so is really hard to gyspy human sometimes but then when you add on top of it the ramp in racism um in hate that it's that exists gis because.

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