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Day. She only did that one song and it started another song do right woman and session ended. There was some problems, clean, Aretha husband and one of the musicians who is making fresh remarks or to Rica, and he took offense to that and the session ended after that, and they left and continued recording in New York to finish the album. You must have played with a lot of singers in your timing. How do you rate Aretha Franklin at the pop? Absolutely. At the top I've worked with ETA James Mavis Staples, Aretha all these people are great singers. But I'd say Aretha was number one, I'm wise that I just, I don't know. It's our God given town. Session musician, David hood, speaking to Julian Marshall about recording. I never loved a man the way I loved you with Aretha Franklin back in nineteen sixty seven. Still to come in the podcast of you've got to. America or thin feuded apart. He said from the US he waited three years, but it never arrived in the end. He also friend to bring it over from America. Palestinians have received eight years worth of letters and parcels that have been held up by Israel. In a coordinated move. Hundreds of newspapers in the United States have used their editorial columns to blast President Trump for his attacks on the mainstream media. The president's views on critical journalists are well known. He regularly accuses them of fake news. He's even described US journalists as the enemies of the people is a snippet of recent comments may Mr. Trump, but they can make anything bad because they are the fake fake disgusting news. But what message does coordinating the nation's editorial Cullens against the president, send Rebecca kes- be asked, Alex Kingsbury, who sits on the editorial board of the Boston Globe, which is organizing the action why they decided this was necessary. It was that phrase the enemy of the people that we've found particularly alarming. We're not the enemy of the people. We are journalists and we are Americans and it's deeply alarming that the president would label journalists as such in a functioning democracy. And it's one thing for major news organizations like the Boston Globe with considerable resources. It's another thing for the vast majority of newspapers in this country that are very small organizations run by dozen people or less in small communities where this sort of rhetoric can have, you know, potentially dangerous consequences. The press is central to self-governing democracy, and we think that's an important message to reiterate. It shouldn't be controversial or newsworthy that journalists are standing up for the first amendment. But here we are well, I mean, those Genesis around the world might be listening who operate. In far more difficult circumstances than you do in the United States? I mean, the US has some of the toughest laws on freedom of the press in the world. They might just say, what? Why didn't you just get on with it and exercise those rights on a daily basis, which is exactly what we're doing. But the idea that the capitals of Ankara and Moscow and Beijing are seeing an American president label. Journalist says it domestic enemy is exactly the sort of precedent that we find deeply alarming briefy, Alex. What do you hope you've achieved today? We hope we've raised awareness with the American people. We might not reach Mr. Trump, but we hope our friends and neighbors take note of the importance of work that we do as part of the campaign, many newspapers, taking their own individuals stands as I heard from Washington correspondent Kris, Buckler I think what must be noted is they're all putting into their own words. We have a range of different newspapers more than three hundred all putting together at to'real 's in which the defending journalism they do it in different ways. The New York Times, they quoted president Thomas Jefferson. They don't mention President Trump, but others are being much more explicit. For example, the Saint Louis post dispatch says that Trump is inflicting massive, improper irreparable damage to democracy with these attacks, but they're also newspapers contained in these number that have put these editorials today that actually supported President Trump in his campaign to become president. For example, the Topeka, capital journal, it says we are not separate from the public. We are the public. We live and work complain to pick on ROY narrows. We go to restaurants and send our children to school. We drive the same roads. We're not the enemy of the people..

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