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So I have two things the first one is back in for. I know shut up to him had an idea for putting a separate wheel spot on the wheel for a separate wheel with bad ideas. And you've got I just wanted to tweak that a little bit and do like that idea gong show. So basically you pick or maybe have it up for poll have a bunch of the bad ideas out there. You guys have maybe like a minimum time that you have to do it for and then you can kinda ring the gong if it's going really poorly and just kind of go through a bunch of bad ideas on one thing podcast. And then the other had I've been I didn't make sure that this was vetted yet or had never been pitched. But would be rob Makita run for president which would be like not not politics related, but kind of podcast related like you're running for president of the podcast. You got. Food. Well, sure, sure, that's fine too. But you could you know, get a team fans that would be on your campaign team you'd make a platform that you would make attack ad against each other play them on the podcast. And maybe at the end you have a poll on Twitter or something for who should become the president. So so all have kiva, and I are running against each other for the for the nomination for the presidency of Robin to podcasts. But I mean for the pedants think, but that's a funny idea. I just have no idea how it works logistically. Like we promising green new deal or they podcast Pacific promises. Like. I was really thinking it would be podcast acidic. But if you guys want to get into that stuff. I don't know no idea makes much more sense. I don't know why they would vote for us based on our politics and explained to be I'll use it extended call here just because we are out of time with with with Corey be explained to be heavy gung show bad idea would work like are as the podcast where it's like, hey, this is Robin. Akiva, have all bad ideas. And so this is the first bit idea, and we do it until he can't take it anymore. And then the next bad idea starts. Yeah. That that would come idea 'cause we have this spreadsheet full of ideas that were rejected, and and maybe we have some way to filter some of them through based on the potential viability, and you have some prep work. But. Then that's that's fair and the logistically might be hard. But I'm guessing there would be a fair amount of them on there that wouldn't require kind of work. Keep it. Let's get into duck soup. Okay. All right tech soup opens up. And then now we're going into like oh Power Rangers season three episode seven. Okay. Okay. Yeah. It is for sure. The president ideas worth discussing more, right? I yeah. I just think it would be. That the podcast has a president. And it's either MIR you, yeah. Like wouldn't be fun. If on the node all's like either, you're Stephen were in charge because you're the president's going No at all. at all. Like, you don't knowing soda just gets like some pride. What if like you're in charge? What if so I'm gonna guess it is rob is a podcast. You are technically charge. It's interesting. I wonder if it should be like an ongoing thing as opposed to like one podcast. Okay. Yeah. Could be running bit. We promised to running on the show like say, there's an election coming up. And then continue like, rob rob says like, you know, that gets three spots, and I say, no it gets one. And then, you know, people could vote now that we can't then go around our butts person. Oh, that's true. That is the problem. But maybe we need like a separation between church. They had. All right. We've got six more people on hold. So we got. All right. Thank you. Okay. All right. All right. Let's go to this is a nine one. These ghoulish..

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