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Seventy five degrees. Yeah. Hang. Dana, and I have known each other for a long time. I wouldn't come back. If I were you I would just stay in Los Angeles. And by the way, I mean until June. About it. So let's see if I can get the station the paper the hotel. For that long. Please. Let me be on the phone when you call Paul Rennie at the Chateau and just say, I'm gonna stay at the Chateau Marmo for six months. That'd be fantastic. It's extended. Yeah. But there's a good reason. It's cold outside. Yeah. I we've seen it January in Chicago. No doubt about that. All right. So what are you doing? LA? Here to do. Some interviews. Always last night. I saw the LEGO movie like oh to. And did you see the first LEGO movie? Yeah. I thought the violence was ridiculous. Was very. This movies very much like that very clever. Very witty. It's going be a good one that comes out early part. But that's not a review. No, no. I would never reviewable the until the actual day. Who do you interview? Like, a LEGO guy who do you interview for the LEGO movie? Well, the voices in the movies or Chris Pratt. Oh. We just got engaged to unreal Scharzenegger's daughter. Elizabeth banks is one of the voices of the movie, Tiffany haddish, one of the voices in the movie will our net among others for that. Funny. People. Yeah. So we've got some good interviews with that today. And then tomorrow. Solo interview Toronto VP Henson and Tracy Morgan. And Erica bat do and a lot of people in this new movie. What men want? Tracy Morgan just called and said that he made pregnant. So that becomes his signature joke joke. He loves it adds his joke. Everybody talks, you Oprah's have my baby. A mayo. About to become gone be pregnant. I what men want I feel like that's titles been used before. Well, it was what women. Gibson movie were Mel Gibson could hear thoughts of people around him. You know, what I never really thought about that? Until now, you may remember that I had a small skirmish with gets. Many years ago. Maybe he could hear what I was thinking. And that's what set off the said skirmish. I never even thought of that. Maybe maybe the other possibility maybe he's just a whole Bamiyan. I'm just saying. Never know. A hole was using that whole conversation. Sure was. All right. So any other Hollywood news you need to report this morning. There's really nothing much going on this morning. A terrible. Do we'll be opening today. It's back from to Oscar winner. It's Matthew mcconaughey and Anne Hathaway, but normally. Pretty much in in most of the movies. They they do. But this new movie that they do is called serenity. And it's it's pretty awful. It's it tries to be one of these stylish spill Noir style. These very period piece and very stylish story about a fishing boat, captain cut it down. Like a fishing boat, captain. Sleepy airtime island. His ex wife shows up one day. And says that she will give him ten million dollars in cash if he will take her current husband who is extremely abusive in just about every way possible take him out on the fishing boat. Get them all liquid up and then if he should happen to fall overboard and the sharks seat him. So so be it. But that's sort of the initial of this. Which would which would have been, you know, a nice premise is. He gonna do is. He not going to do it. But about halfway through the movie it takes this satiric artsy. Turn into so many probable things that could happen. And it winds up being one of these movies where it doesn't really give you the ending. You have to you have to figure out what you think the ending is. Really to go. See fun break up song. Child. Definitely no songs with moving. Shadows. A lot of a lot of mumbling a lot of shadow as you know, where they're thinking. And then you're supposed to figure out what they're thinking kind of like commercials, right or he actually one scene where he's driving truck cO. Now, Eddie sort of talking and thinking to himself, and I started laughing out loud. Because it it's exactly like those matching McConnell. Hey, was it Lincoln Lincoln birthday? Yeah. Anything about playing pool and for no reason going outside and driving down the road and running into a ball. The movie makes as much sense as that the the the ending of this movie, and the movie ends it gives you a twist at the end for me to describe anything or spoil it. So for the few unfortunate few of you're gonna go see this movie. I don't I don't want to spoil it for you. But it gives you this twist at the end of end the credits come up here scratch your head. What the hell just happened here? I'm not a hundred percent, sure. What this movie happened? So I wound up giving it a c minus. It is stylish. It's a nice nice looking movie in terms of any story. This time of year January is the dumping ground for the movie studios were they threw worst movies. And surely we've seen that so far for all the new movies that have come out for the last couple of weeks. There is a family movie. That's coming out today, which I wasn't able to see called the kid who would be king, which is sort of a modern take group of modern nudie kids kind of playing out the King Arthur and drunk people story from the clips that I've seen it looks like kind of a nice movie I'm gonna actually going to go try to catch it today. See what it's all about. But you know, if you looking for family movie rated PG looks like one that would be nice for the whole family. We don't have time to get into this now, but page six this morning is reporting Gordon Ramsay dropped the f one hundred twenty eight times in one thirty minute interview. With interviewing Tommy Lee Jones. Yeah. There you go the interviews car. The interview says called the hot ones, it's your show where celebrity guests try to answer questions while they eat spicy chicken wings. Do you think maybe we have too much to choose from now because I want that. Make that prime time joy your weekend in LA. When are you back on the show from here? I will be back. If you come back if I if I do come back I will be back on Sunday morning for the regular radio show. Okay. Among my guests on Sunday. We'll be lovely delay bowl bunny hunt. We love bunny. What's not to love? All right, buddy. Thank you. Have a good weekend. Everybody more on the moron entertainment right there. All right. Pat Bray is not just a political guru. He is a former prosecuting federal attorney. Yes. His lawyer suit on this morning to answer some questions about the big Trump news. Roger stone is long time pal. Arrested indicted later this morning in Fort Lauderdale courtroom more on that front. Pat coming up. I Steve what's up at eight thirty and Steve we're and more on this story coming up at eight thirty. There has now been some reaction from the White House spokesman Sarah Sanders will have what she says coming up for you in about ten minutes.

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