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Okay now i can now say full so they just keep z. Sale again snappy Shakai fast on. You have a fake. Yeah my final thoughts on. This upside was m. it was a proper game changer. Yes it did go back to the well for familiar places. Like i don't get i never get tired of most of mosley entitling. I love such a win. And i could never understand when the prequel sorry they sequel films went to a desert planet and for some reason. It wasn't totta william me news. It's to be if the golden anywhere familiar faces Finally everyone's been wanting the bopha to solve a pair in the mandalorian and we're one step closer to it. So that was great all the easter eggs in this episode. Which just mind boggling. It just left me with a massive smile on my face as a as an original fan. I absolutely love it and you know the mandalorian himself. Wow is east it dude you east dude. My father full on it fantastic. If i was going to rate it out to ten. I'll give it a good eight eight enough maybe It did give me everything now. Wants it You know such for an hour is just greatest. Felt like classic star trek everything cooked combined score on overall. Ach things nice and six pretty in in a nice little episode fantastic. I enjoyed it a great site. Michael's Mondo goes on the hunt for beast on tassotti retreat. Retreading out steps with new tricks. Quebec's glow and i- decent setup for a brand new season of mander of you just wrote about repeated it somewhere ira out my end school six ten six ten not because six eight. No because it's bad but this is six hour ten. Amanda scale well most. Aw nine eight or ten you know bringing down a little weave season to to really highlight the ones i think. Stand out there could come back and say this was a standout but currently the retreaded a of ground on upon on another hon for an analyst. We'll see what happens macrey next year. Yeah definitely well. The next episode. Which is all that was a thing. Did you notice was chapter nine. Not chapter one. They're carrying him eve no season two. They've carried it on from the last season. So it's one complete story. And i wondered what the time difference was between episode eight. Sorry chapter eight and chapter nine one while now was but sam chapter ten which is going to be on november. The sixth which is friday. And that's cooled the come food confrontation. And that's eight written by jon. Favreau but said this wikipedia this notoriety prediction so the confrontation Do knee ever put out like hillary national trailer for next year. Get a sentence gessen's confrontation it's got to be muffed. Gideon maybe i think the consultation is muff gideon raises his head and put sat bouncing for the for the mandalorian at the end of the day. The episode cooed. The prisoner season one. Genetic the The the was it called. Mayfield berg zero and zeon tweak the twilight twilight he them on both. That's a prison ship but he imprisoned among the prison ship as well. So what makes you think that they might grassi. Mock not a main So that's probably why the rebels rafting because remember back to that trail of the we saw last week so the swings after the mandalorian as well so you never know you might get shot down. But there's also nova trade away you see the razor quest flow floating through space or damaged with dole's i've been in a well. There's a lot of could be anything. Seasons chapter ten concentration act one baba act t ice planet. See you next week. Reckoning is arc. We'll leave it there then. Right then chris. Wet can walk in the listeners. Gang comes yet because now you've got under the podcast enough in you. Yes i've gone from zero podcast. Three podcast now in the bathroom of weeks crazy life will give you You can find me on twitter Burnt chris b you all and e chris Rabbi put leave them to mystery. We said you said well unless we Miles a podcast. That german jeopardize my my other. Podcast i'm starting is the story and behind the scenes of the company personalities slash founders of the company have a fund doc. Again coming soon. What was the of one. Fm yeah F s jam. Dog is the is a podcast for developers in the javascript ecosystem and teaching full stack on nerd. Okay yeah berlin. Maybe yeah right. May you can find me right so for radio. Free endo remember you can show you look for this show and look ultra cool. The conventions when they do stocks or at work day. Use with official radio free and dolts. He and face masks for lebron's he public also. Why choose is still the best place to download the show my that. Please take some time. And they've is a five.

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