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Precise county as well. Love, scattered showers and storms today in a high of 85 for Christine Edwards, I'm Channel two action news meteorologist admit downtown can actually delays Building North Value. University Avenue makes it to 44 up to John Lewis Freedom Parkway already had the along The 85 475 quarter headed south towards 17th Street. Smiler. Mark McKay 95.5 WSB WSB News time is 82. This is Atlanta's morning newsletters. Marcy Williams, judging about the as Americans return home after Labor Day getaway. His health care personnel fear. Another spike in Covid cases will follow. It troubles me that we somehow decided this is over, and the Delta variant knows surging across America. Dr. Peter Hotez at Baylor points out. New daily infections are 300% higher than a year ago. Florida accounts for one In five cases, 1500 Americans are dying every day. Covid spreads among the Bulldogs head coach Kirby Smart says several players and staff test positive He doesn't hide. His concerns is like relief that you guys feel like, Oh, everything's back to normal. Really just not for us right now, because we have the most we've had right now. He does not identify who's sick. Apart from trainer Ron Course in the dog's host you maybe Saturday at Sanford Stadium. There's no mask mandate or attendance cap. Two suspects arrested in the murder of eight year old SKorea Turner last summer in Atlanta are due in court today for arraignment. Julian Connolly and Jerry in McKinney face a 37 count indictment after the little girl was fatally shot inside a vehicle near the Wendy's where Rayshard Brooks was killed by police armed protesters at the site Sometimes Blocked. University Avenue describes both men as members of the blood double DS produced time. 804 President Biden inspects damage from Ida in New York and New Jersey. This Queens man is cleaning up. There's not enough hours in a day to get this done. Reporter Maleng says A dozen people died in basement apartments. Video shows desperate efforts to reach one family, no special equipment. An officer at one point ducks into the murky water to feel for the apartment door as a brown teddy bear floats into view, But the officer comes up empty. At least 50 die in the North East about 500,000.

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