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Rome, Mark Antony, Caesar discussed on Lend Me Your Ears


Judge oh you got out dearly caesar loved him this was the most unkindest cut of all for win the new will sees saul him stab in gratitude more strong than traders arms quite thank wished him then burst his mighty heart once he's got the crowd right where he wants him he reveals that caesar so loved the people of rome that he left them lands and money in a public trust there isn't much logic to be found in mark antony's argument it's pure demagoguery emotional persuasion of the highest order but it works the ground has shifted under british his feet the rules he operated by are now obsolete mark antony whips the romans into a frenzy and then he uses that frenzied mob sees power the republic has fallen and brutus caches and their armies half to flee rome that's just the first half of the play believe it or not in the second half the play and its world shift radically if the first half is a political thriller the second half of the play is like a battlefield for film brutus and caches turn on each other the ghost of caesar appears to brutus foreshadowing his fall the conspirators defeated in battle by mark antony and caesar's adopted son octavius brutus and caches both commit suicide and antony and octavius are left in short so look it's not a happy play right but these aren't happy times and you can see why it's a play we turn to when we worry about our society's future and whether or not our own republic is about to collapse or is helen shaw critic for time out new york and four columns told me i do think that for people who are thinking about citizenship and thinking about political action it's not a bad play to having your helen knows julius caesar very well she seen it performed many many times i wanted to talk to her about what the play has to tell us well you can't get away from the fact that it's idea about people in groups is cynical and devastating you see every time a group of people in julius caesar gets together to decide something they come to the wrong decision the elites are deluded enough to think that murdering the most popular bala titian in their nation's history will work out well the.

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Rome, Mark Antony, Caesar discussed on Lend Me Your Ears

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