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Five three into what is it? Yes. Okay. We'll get a few minutes out after left. To twenty eight years old when it say, it'd be thirty three thirty two thirty three insane going in. That says that that Martina reached out to about playing with the national team interesting that seems like weird to me. You wanna know? What's interesting? We just heard God's on your tremendous. No that the hasn't reached out to me. I've not spoken right to Tina. Reached out to Iran Matic going didn't want to stay one back to Boca Juniors and strong art to get back to Boca Juniors. And why did he do that? Because it's closer. It's a place where he can be seen. And then go to the national time that heart. I mean, this is a guy who is literally making career moves to get the actual team. I almost didn't believe it to be honest about a conversation baby something, and you talk so bad about legal Menkes and he went from two bogut time national team. Unbelievable. Well, that's that's a that's because everybody in Argentina washable us what they wanna watch. Anyway, what do you think about it? I think we're I think we're opening some doors that are going to create some very conversational. Phyo I received phone calls from players in that pipeline who were pretty upset really upset. I wanted to schools the names, but. Do not even know the rules. Yes. Five years. Yeah. I am. And we're doing this already. How about reaching out to some of the players who actually have a possibility to play with you. Has every right to do what he wants to do. He's the coach doing your way. I'm all for the coach doing it. His way many times we hear all they made him put him on this roster. All they made him do that. Although you can't call that player in or no. Yes. There are not the results that I think feel the colors and could potentially help. And there's one Hawaii think is plainly said he wants to play wipe. It could be a big player for you for all your job. There are others like Mendez whether time said guy up there to push teaching humanities and give you some real communists fire, by the way, if you wanna keep them in that level, he's got to Novi candidate comfortable. Yeah. No. It's. I think there's there's a because of the way the next thing does business it brings all these players. There's we've had this conversation for a long time there lot of guys. And I think people to the multicultural France. And they're like well, look, France. Does it? That's the product of a multicultural society cracked, it is not the product of an aggressive foreign shopping. Yeah. And I think that's where there's going to be a difference for people for fans, and I don't know that I'm comfortable talking about the difference because it's like, well, your your skin in your your sort of Mexicans unless Mexico, it's not borderlines phobic as somebody who always has had this identity issues. How Mexican Mexican ocu-? We're, but I do think the Mexican public is going to react, it's very negative unite. But it's funny how soon the Mexican pug with for guest their best national teams the scene. Yes. The round goes the boss does to send you to the World Cup with their goals. You've had national team player chuckle humidity. You've had three thousand throughout your history. He Sampras swim that you think he was born. Yeah. California and you get bone to Jesus players these two spotted Sacramento. Yeah. Know open there open about where they were born this as the world as the I guess society gets globalizing modernized. This is what's gonna happen? And it's going to be a product. But until Mexico has this happened in its society when and keep having these conversations. Yeah, it's it's an interesting time for Mexico because they they have to keep up at the international level. There's a lot of international factors in Mexico. How does that impact the national team? It's something that will play out in the short without the Martino. But also long-term ten twenty years like how Mexican football develops. We'll have a big part to do with it with who is Mexican football and really quickly before. Keno his next ten twenty three people need to be reminded that thinks he's getting two cycles..

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