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President Trump, White House, Harlem River discussed on 24 Hour News


Harlem river drive, also quiet on my end Levinson on ten ten wins wins news time, eight forty two. The talks to end the shutdown continued yesterday continues today today as well. The White House now saying President Trump is willing to concede and not build a concrete wall. But instead a steel barrier of sorts we told the Democrats this this is what we want to build. Do you think this is a wall actually under the way the law is written right now, technically, it's not a wall? But if that's not evidence of the president's desire to try and resolve is I don't know what is that is acting White House chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, on CNN's, meet the press talking semantics there there would be no change in cost. Adele, whether it was concrete or steel the White House sticking to the number five point six billion dollars. White House official also telling CNN there if there is no deal. Mr. Trump is thinking of declaring a national emergency that would allow him to go ahead without congressional approval late Saturday night, a source at the White House has indicated that if these. Talks continued to stall President Trump is likely to declare a national emergency and use his emergency powers as president to secure funding for his border wall. It is a drastic move one. That would likely be challenged through the court system by Democrats correspondent Boris Sanchez. Talks are set to resume today. Mr. Trump won't be there. He's at Camp David his senior staff is on a retreat. Vice President Mike Pence will conduct the talks he seemed a bit more upbeat about things though, he described the meetings as productive in an official memo from his office, which forty four cops say they've got the guy responsible for the attempted rape and sex attacks in lower Manhattan. In Harlem, we told you about yesterday as thirty five year old Sean Kelly made his first court appearance. The prosecutor accused the Park Avenue commercial attorney of carrying out a one man sex assault spree..

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