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Congress for eighteen years so i am not it if i was born yesterday but here this guy that was kind of on trained with going to be in a position to potentially lead the world during a new nuclear holocaust and i i it the absurdity of it i think came to my mind in terms of the fact that how we need to take it very very seriously we'll just to return finally to your experiences in that that that brief few hours in which that power was theoretically a new one mishap away from being in your hands do you think that fundamental you'd eased too much powerful one human being to have entirely to themselves well my my hope is is that there is a collective process within the white house where the national security adviser the joint chiefs of staff and the secretary of defense and state care are involved in some and the military commanders are involved in some sort of instantaneous processed and i've thought about this in advance and they've worked out both systems in advance to try to deal with them you know as expeditiously as possible on and but but my but the congress just cannot remove it fell from oversight are congressman biggest role as as the appropriators of dollars and it's basically the protectors of basic human liberties and rights and in at least in the united states needs to make sure that the processes there are a well planned and the executions are well planned and we've thought about all the potential problems human mistake technological mistake cyber mistakes that could theoretically happen and so uh you know look i think we've done a worm were much better shape on than we were uh a long time ago but it that power still reside and the chief executive of the united states as the commander in chief of the armed forces dan glickman former us secretary of agriculture and.

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