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The way I'd book it, but nonetheless they did a nice job with Monday night. Good job ladies. I'll Oxy Kurt angle. Returning thought the his gold costume was rather of noxious as intended VM, assuming and it reflected back to his gold medal winning Olympian broken frigging neck. I like Bobby Lashley and Leo rush. I think they have significant antagonise upside. I think they have virtually zero protagonist of side. They are money as villains. Antagonised and Leo can be as as in tagging as a a b. That you don't wanna sting you the little the fierce and they've noxious and lashes a beast. Lashley's a beast. He should be Lashley as a baby face right now would be like casting John Wayne to be a Nazi. What the hell are you thinking? That's just me. So ROY was that ratings are up little bit over the last couple of weeks, stiff competition, baseball, playoffs, Monday night, football, cetera, et cetera. Here's the deal invinci- Tomioka meantime, JR if we've got what they wanna see, they'll watch. And every promoter Bill watch it. The same thing about the when we have bad weather territories in have big card and some say, Bill this boy, there's gonna kill us it if we've done a good job of getting these angles place and feed them and building them than the people will come. If this is what they wanna see, no matter what he's right world or not smackdown alive, you know, Becky Charlottesville show again. Getting kind of old say that I'm being facetious. I love Becky Lynch. Charlotte flair had the best executed and structured story. Currently, in my view in WWE. Not just in their in their gender in in all WWE. They have raised the bar again for women in the standpoint that you can see their their matches are have inherent physicality. The odeal. She runs like a girl. I, I know what that means. Cement girl in wrestlers are run like women running. I want the, I used to hate seeing wrestlers maker, the run down the ramp, and some of could run a damn lick. They look awkward running. It was embarrassing that's topic for no day. But these ladies are fiscal and they have great athleticism. They're taking. Chances are laying their stuff in there believable that great facial expressions, they believe what they're doing. And now they're headed to a last woman standing match, which I'm expecting would be fabulous. Good. Say Nick show back, looks in great shape has had had hip surgery, lost a lot of weight. Let's good big. Oh, Paul, the Nash man out that his son had lost losing that weight live longer. He's good dude. To my guys. He and Randy and I thought that finished was routed money. I missed us on Twitter at JR s BBQ. It didn't hurt for big show to lose in his current role and to Randy Orton whose full-timer in essence to orange finish and. I think that if somebody's going to say, well, can you imagine doing that to Andrei. Supposed to be said, what about Andrei? Who are they? First of all pronoun, boy, and Secondly, Andrei did pass the torch at the right time, the right place, different set of circumstances, different place, different time. Fisa caked, good booking. Good finish, did hurt anybody. I've been oppressed Shelton Benjamin the last couple of weeks on smackdown he, he's he. I can't see why he can't find something just going to fit in when he the way he was looking at AJ styles on Tuesday night was scared shit out of me. Shows great.

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