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And marrone really has got this team at a point where you know they're willing to to go through i talked to some guys the other day they're willing to go through another budel camp next year if that means they're gonna be this good absolutely espn nfl nation reporter for the jags mike dirac oh i i mentioned this earlier in the show this december blake bortles tops impasse a rating qpr yards per attempt antius downs what has happened to blake bortles what has changed oh it's funny because in the last two weeks i had one player compare them to tom brady and then left asking compare on the peyton manning so but you gotta oil calling him trash still suit all evens out exactly and it's subpar quarterback riled yeah with the bottom line is is he's making better decisions with the ball and he's not force and stuff he understands what they're trying to do offense of coordinator nathaniel hackett you know it's been stressing hey look this is really his first year in the offense um and he just understands what they're trying to get out of each play and with that understanding uh hack says he's not gambling is much if you look at bortles through the first three years i mean he was taking chances all the time and thrown balls you shouldn't throw and he's not really doing that anymore and his you know he didn't go to california before two thousand sixteen season work on the fundamentals are it showed he did this path off season and you know he's still got non perfect fundamentals but if you look at his footwork and his arm slot in where his release there is in his delivery it's much better than it was so you mix all that together and you get a guy that playing pretty darn.

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