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WIBC dot com. Now your forecast when the American standard heating weather center, mostly cloudy skies tonight with scattered showers coming to an end around midnight. We'll see lows near thirty four after some morning clouds on Sunday for some sunshine for the afternoon. He'll be pleasant with highs near forty eight. I wish TV Star Trek. Eight meteorologist Tara Hastings Ninety-three WIBC. Oh, see. Wait. Sides. That. Premiere networks presents coast to coast AM now, use your guest host Connie Willis. Thank you for joining us. You're listening to coast to coast AM. I'm Connie Willis. I died in your arms tonight gas leak that really fits with what we're talking about last hour. Right. That's cutting crew. Coast insiders, are you a coast insider yet, this is really cool. It's a neat. Little like membership kind of clube kinda cool east kind of thing. There's lots of really great things you can get by being a coast insiders only fifteen cents a day. And.

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