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Back and forth. Texting and more meaningful dates. This is a game changer is real people making real connections. So download loco. That's L. Okay. Oh, in the app store or on Google play today. Art. So I know we're not a bachelor recap podcast, but obviously, we're all on the show. So when it's on we like to talk about a little bit plus dating podcast. So one last question to do with the bachelor has to do with dean Dini baby soon, right, next to me, the ever sexy, and beautiful kind, sweet heart warming, honest, endearing Dini babies. Welcome. Dean any update on whether you wanna do paradise or not, not so much, if you're doing it, but whether he'd wanted to tell you what there's four people on this podcast right now five and total including me. Let's put it to vote. Okay. Great. Who votes? Yes, everyone. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's how it's like eighty five percent. Big. Yes for me. Great. So it sounds like unanimously four against one. Is that a binding vote? Going now I was just curious. I want you to do it because I don't want you to look back and say, why the hell then I do it. My I know my thing is like is anyone gonna want to date a guy that lives in a van, you know? Yeah you got one. I guess that's all you need. Is one. Well, obviously, it was spotlighted a couple months ago where you were talking about bachelor relationships, how Heather thick. So if you has your. Yeah. Have you had your mind at all? Do you have I know is a little the, the context of what you were saying was a little skewed as well that definitely factors into my decision mirror. Is that your phone? What does that, that definitely factors into my decision a little bit? Why don't you be a professional? Professional you're staring in this little mirror while you're talking during the podcast. We're gonna call you out. I'm I'm talking here. Those is how I focused are you talking to yourself in the Mary, trying to hyper self up what I'm doing? What I when I said that isn't ash, and actually, the relationship was fake. You didn't say that. God. That's why I met. Just kidding. Yeah. I said that a while ago, the back in January after I was a little heated about some stuff. And so now I would feel a little weird about going back onto bachelor show. So that's kinda like working in the cons column drive the van Puerto Vallarta. I mean that's kinda hell. They let me and they paid for my gas. I'm freaking there. I don't know if I really want to be in a relationship like not just with the bachelor person, but with anyone in general, so I, I feel guilty going on a dating show that the intent of like dating. I do. Sometimes fine though. There's so many people that say they give up on dating Damon up, not that they don't want to be in a relationship right now. And then it seems coincidental sometimes that they meet someone that they're ready to commit in a relationship with. So it's just food for thought I have a question if you met a woman who also she shared your views of I want to see the world. I want to see an van. I wanna pay rent. I don't wanna do anything I would love to live this life as well and her getting in the van with you and drive around the world. Is that your dream concept or your nightmare concept? I don't think I really want anyone with thought, you know, it's kind of like a just a me thing, me and my dog thing I guess, it's kind of the appeal of it. Maybe I don't know. I don't know. That's kind of.

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