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As a kid. You're only playing against your you're you're older now? You're going. Man You know how you guys at a drive into the ring, smoking cigarettes and driving Camaros and. Wasn't. Elliott. Kassy's days Denis Savard one of my favorite players. Growing up loved any savard love the spinner Emma. Also remember. In he was cut from the nine hundred ninety one Canada Cup team and he said it was because they didn't like the fact. He was a smoker. I always remembered that story. Didn't have the league smoke at that point, though Elliott's I just remember finding later on the Danny Markov used to smoke between periods like nineteen, ninety nine Denis Savard was cut from Canada Cup team because of that he's a smoke into the drier at the air. Canada centre blowing all the smoke in between periods. Okay, this is GonNa be a lot of the a lot of baseball players in this one manny Machado. Manny Machado Wall okay. Number seven I. Always Remember Manny Machado wearing number seven. A buddy of mine had a Machado Seven Jersey. He loved him as a player. I remember he got in trouble. I remember he went down. He got in trouble for not hustling in the world series for the dodgers but I'm I've always been a big manny Machado, Fan. Same Michael Jordan. I I love Michael Jordan. I know that there's a lot of people not liking him. for that last dance and he's to mean and all that stuff I. Don't buy that at all. I think that Michael Jordan to be the best you have to be demanding of yourself of your teammates. I'm a huge fan. That didn't change anything. He took it farther in some cases than I would have and I'll tell you something else about that thing. If I was is Ahah Thomas I'd stopped trying to apologize for not shaking hands to say I, did it? It happened. It was thirty years ago. Get over it. What's your Jordan story again? I love when you tell this one about. When you covered the NBA well, the the came to play the raptors just after Damon Stoudamire was traded. They were on route to their third consecutive. OF THEIR NBA Championships. The last one the raptors were sixteen and sixty six I think that year. They Damon Stoudamire Trade. It was a total tire fire. The Oh the came into that game. There were thirty thousand people. They were all there to sue Michael Jordan. He had three points in the first half. I think he'd only taken one shot. My seat was right there. Phil. Jackson says Michael. Michael just take the rest of the night off. He's like no, I haven't given. These fans there show yet. He goes out he scores. It has great third quarter, I camera for score, twelve or fifteen points, or whatever it was, and he walked off the court, and said now I can take the rest of the night off like that is a guy who recognize people were paying to see him. Nolan Ryan. Like you're picking a lot of guys that I really loved watching. I Love Nolan Ryan when he fought Robin Van when Robin Ventura I the first thing you think about. This is Robin Ventura. Coming to fight them. Nolan Ryan like giving.

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