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Jersey Transit, still suspended between Mount Olive and Hackettstown that because of downed wires on the tracks on Tom Kaminski in the WCBS Traffic Center, five day ex surgeon forecast with our chief meteorologist, Craig Allen. Sounds like this system is going to affect the morning and afternoon commute tomorrow. Yeah, it is. Ah! Long type system. It could actually be two days worth as you notice. It keeps getting pushed back. Originally, today was supposed to be the day that it actually starts towards this evening. Like about now. It's not really going to start until morning until Tuesday morning, So you've got that when it first breaks out. It will be intermittent through the day and and now looks like there could be lingering rain and snow showers even into Wednesday, good portion of Wednesday. So and there's not major snow accumulations from this. We're not going to worry about that so much. But there will be some icing to be concerned with, especially in the northern and Western suburbs, so it'll be very tough to get above freezing. Tonight about 30 Tuesday in Tuesday night. The intimate and wintry mix it starts, his snow goes to sleep. Freezing. Rain goes to rain for some of the coastal sections as highs reached 32 35 looking at anyway, from a coating to an inch or two for the coastal areas, the urban areas and mostly on the colder surface is 1 to 3 inches inland. Three. Plus, though the farther north and west you go Wednesday. Lingering showers of rain and wet snow 34 to 38 Thursday system still looks like a mist 32 35 Friday a mix of clouds and sun, windy and very cold on Friday on Lee in the twenties through the day wind chill in the teams right now in the city. 37 humidity 37%. Thanks, Craig. It's 4 50 at WCBS. Ente has unveiled the digital memorial to its workers who died of the Corona virus. It's a nine minute video that will run three times a day on screens that usually display maps and service updates. NYC Transit intern, president Sarah Feinberg tells WCBS really, It's an opportunity for their friends and family toe.

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