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The reporter he said Cold Christopher to ask for a comment on the murder of his parents? Christopher said that this was the first he heard of the attack he then called the police department who confirmed with the reporter had told him but informed Christopher that his mother wasn't fact still alive in the hospital in North Hi my name is Chris Forego call by Union saying that parents I found that fascinating on information from my Vanturi. I'm at school in Rochester New York. I in a dorm there tuncay. Do you have a dorm name our because Monroe okay you're hearing from the Times Union. They called me tonight. Parents are found I guess that into our anything may have some more information for you. Christopher left the university in Rochester and rushed back to Donmar as surgeons attempted to reconstruct Jones face and skull Christopher PORCO was taken to the police station and questioned for six hours. Your mother is communicating. Detective detective voltage told Christopher okay he replied the detective added she saying you were there at the house. I don't know why she would say that. Christopher replied modish pressed. She knows what happened but Christopher didn't flinch which I hope she does. I was not there. Christopher told detective bowed ish that he was sleeping in the lounge of his his dormitory at the time of the attacks I love my parents dearly he told police Christopher for PORCO cooperated fully consenting to have DNA samples taken and to a full physical examination but there wasn't a mark mark on him for Anzac analysis of the crime scene found no fingerprints and no blood other than the victims the house or on the murder weapon investigators checked Christopher's yellow jeep for traces of blood but it was clean when police looked for evidence of whether Christopher had driven his yellow jeep on the highway on the night of the murders they found no no record of his Ez pass going through the toll that night then a new lead came in Peter Porco had once received a death threat from a man who had lost custody of his children in a case before the New York State Supreme Court the man man had vowed to shoot Peter Porco and the judge but when detectives investigated the threat they found that the man had an airtight alibi there was also a series involving a family member who had been jailed for organized. I crime a former loan. Shark named Frank Frankie the firemen Porco a great hunk of Peter's police thought that may be Frankie the firemen had been considering ragging on his associates. Perhaps perhaps Peter was murdered with the firemen's acts as a warning not to talk but Frankie PORCO was was in jail specifically because he refused to cooperate so the theory fell apart police followed lead after after lead all were dead ends but while they still had no physical evidence against Christopher Porco investigators now believed ah that they had discovered his motive Peter and Joan Porco had recently taken out life insurance policies totaling totaling one point one million dollars and Christopher had recently sought out investment device from a financial santeuil counselor. He told them that he was about to inherit millions of dollars from a relative then investigators learned not before the security system in the PORCO home was smashed the code had been typed in deactivate the alarm the attacker had smashed it in order to cover his tracks the case against Christopher PORCO WHO's coming together three weeks after the attack. Joan Porco woke up but now Jones said that she had no memory of the attack in fact Joan now insisted that Christopher was innocent. What detective Bo dish hadn't forgotten he and everyone who had been in that room saw Joan confirmed that her son Christopher had been her attacker are there joan had suffered memory loss due to her traumatic injuries or she she was protecting her son but she herself had pointed the finger at Christopher Porco and police were not about to just let it go? Oh Joan Porco wrote a desperate letter for publication in the Albany Times Union defending her son Christopher's innocence. I am absolutely positive that my son Christopher was in no way involved with this heinous crime I employ the Bethlehem police and the district attorney's Office to leave my son alone and to search for Peter's real killer or killers so that he can rest in peace and my sons ends and I can live in safety the Albany County District Attorney said of Joan Porco position. It's not uncommon for victims of certain crimes to not wish to cooperate with law enforcement or not to agree with the direction action of an investigation we have victims of domestic violence who often display those same sentiments in this case Mrs Porco Oh certainly has our sympathy but we are going to continue along our investigation until we bring a person to justice for her and the death of her husband the Year Long Investigation occupy detectives statewide police probed more than six hundred leads but all of the evidence pointed to Christopher on Friday November fifth two thousand five almost a year a year after the attacks Christopher Porco was indicted for the murder of his father Peter Porco and the attempted murder of his mother Jones.

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