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The Brookings institute really appreciate your time thank you all right we'll be right back want to hear from you two six oh one eight seventy or text eight seventy eight seventy what are your thoughts about this seems to be that there's a lot of chatter that's why I kind of took the time to go and look at these bills kind of piqued my curiosity is what some of the intentions are may be far greater than what they're talking about what do you think give us a call we'll be right back when there's trouble brewing in the gold WWL radio is your life line thank you for everything that you all are doing a Debbie Debbie L. to keep all your listeners informed of what's going on because the information accurate information is critically important we are partnering getting this information out and without you I know we would be reaching the people that we are so we thank you Hey I just wanted to say thank you guys are reading you do my frustration is watching My Baby be scared for W. W. E. L. ease her mind because mommy doesn't know about the weather but you guys if you got a plumbing problem pipes are us as the company for you locally owned and operated for over seventeen years I have an a plus rating with the BBB and they love all size of jobs it doesn't matter because actually love what they do and I know from personal experience it's always nice to have a vendor that shows up that has a great attitude you really grow to appreciate that and having availed myself of the services of pipes are us on many different occasions it's always been consistently the same they stay connected with you through technology email or otherwise to guard or taxing letting you know what's going on what it's going to be in order to remediate the problem and what it's going to cost so there's no surprises they don't hide the ball complete transparency a love that about them too they now serving the north shore emergency service available twenty four hours a day seven days a week got a load of technology in checking sewer pipes and everything else if you're buying a house you want to buy somebody else's problem you wanted to be their problem and you want it fixed before you buy the home so they do a lot of that work as well avail yourself of a company with a great attitude with a lot of.

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