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I had the benefit of being at Old Trafford last year when they played Spurs. It was zero zero. I want probably eighty five of those minutes of my life back and it was a, it was a bad game, and I thought Spurs did more in that game to create more opportunities to win. But I thought draw. Was what was probably the result, but they brought on Anthony Marcial, and he got on the end of the heya kick that Lukaku flicked-on and these ran through two defenders and slotted. It was like that is route one, stereotypical English soccer slash football that I've ever seen it was. It was, I'm like, is this real? Am I watching this real? So I could see that happening again where United don't play particularly well, but they kind of just kinda grinded out as they do. And you know, just sneak in a one zero results, but but I don't know. I think it's gonna be tight. I think it's gonna be one zero. I just don't know which way it's going to go one zero. Yeah, I'm pretty split. I think I could see Spurs coming in being even playing better, not gray playing better and winning two one. I could see United winning one zero. I probably will. If you put a gun to my head, it would probably go with United, you know, pulling out the win and just for historical precedent sake of. Of course, sure. This game, it'll say this to right Alexis Sanchez could be back into these, what's wrong with him yet. I think he got. No, I don't know if anybody knows what's wrong with them trying to find out right now, but they also have pneumonia match and Antonio Valencia coming back into the team, small ING might start, you know, they might go three in the back and have a Lindelof smelling by aiding Lindelof. That'd be good. That'd be a step in the right direction. Yeah. Well, yeah. More by your Lindelof, but even bad. There's just doesn't seem like there's a true leader. And I think if you're going to have a good team in the sport, you have to have some leaders that can hold themselves accountable, but also everybody around him and is a very good communicator. And I just don't get that from Linda often by by not a good passer of the ball either. So he's not like exuding confidence on the other side of things like, wow, he's the best defender and that guy can pass now he doesn't have that either. So it's it's unfortunate because especially for United fans who are coming off the back of vintage and Ferdinand as their centrebacks for so many years winning so many titles and they haven't really sorted out that problem. They've been like sticking with Chris falling and Phil Jones for so long. I'm like, all right. When is the Marcus Rojo like, no, these aren't the. These aren't the guys go buy some like notch centrebacks. And then all of a sudden you're gonna see a drastic change in your team guys that our leaders as well, because you need players that can hold pug countable, even the pug. Does the emotion leader, he's still needs to be held accountable, and he's in a position where he can't see the whole field. So the centrebacks can see everything they need to be the guys that are the most vocal. Yeah..

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