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Are. We good. Okay. I feel like I'm good. I'm recording. Yes, good as a good. Look good. Feel good. Guess. What's clear these debts right? That is clear. John Benjamin Hickey. Where are you right now? I am in East Hampton New York, but on. The other side of the tracks. I came out here about. I guess says six seven weeks ago now. and I have settled in here and you'll very fortunate to have been able to get the city We were talking earlier about the fact that I got sick with coded and spent. Three weeks in my apartment. battling it out by myself. Which is actually I preferred that I have the best superintendent in the world's in world, so he would go to my local diner and pick me up food and leave it outside the door every day and make sure I was okay. So I was able to kind of do it on my own and not make. Not Expose myself to anybody else. My partner was actually flying into town the day I got tested for La and his doctors dipper smart and said you know what I think. Maybe you shouldn't see each other I think you should you head out to the beach. so I I did the whole thing by myself. In retrospect, I was happy. Because the one thing I didn't want to do was. Make anybody else sick you now, of course of course. What's the General Easthampton Vibe? Our things closed down or people masked up oracle note. People are just you know behaving like animals. Don't you? Read The New York Post Act. Every third article in the New York Post APP is like the people in the Hamptons are the worst people in the world. You know it out for New York and It's it's very very quiet here. and. It's quiet in a way that. It usually is quiet. The Pre Memorial Day in the area I live in. so feels a little bit like normal here you go to the grocery store on every wear, masks and gloves, and they only let ten people in time. Kind of go about your normal life. So it feels. Yes like everything shut down, but It's a quiet life out here. Anyway it's when I go into the city and driven back in a couple of times to to pick up mail and stuff that I needed and the minute you hit like right before you get into the midtown tunnel, and you start seeing all the billboards that are like. Out Gated. And you pull into the city new turned down Lexington Avenue, and you look down Lexington and there's nobody on the streets. That's what you start to think. I'm in a will Smith SCIFI. Move! He were every Miam- Legend and A ghost town. Yeah, yeah, on your enact so it chance your question. It doesn't feel that different out here, but. Everyone says that after Memorial Day displaces, can kind of go crazy, because there are so many New Yorkers who have places out here? Who are just moving out here? Nobody's doing anything else to summer. Summerside staying of course. Of course, of course, so when you were alone in quarantine, what what was your? Day today, what were you? What were you watching or reading? That was keeping you company. I had the best friends in the world. we good question will I was saying to you guys that it hit me like A. Ton of bricks and like a freight train, a runaway train suddenly stopping dead in its tracks. Tested on May Twelfth, which is the day they shut Broadway down, and I was just about to make my Broadway directorial debut directing this revival of plaza suite. The Neil Simon play with Matthew Broderick Sarah. Jessica Parker, we've done a run in Boston. We're having invited dress that night, and it really was. That day was like end. The band play on it. We were all everybody was on stage in costume makeup lights running through the show. Like the you know the the orchestra, the titanic and knowing that the plug was going to get pull. The plug got poll I went to my doctors tested. and. Then got brutally sex, so there was a part of me that was. Relieved that the plug had been pulled on Broadway. Because I was like I have been able to go to see my fucking play anyway I was. Out of it but I. I watched so much TV, and the thing that I watched. That I've watched the second time. Have you guys seen this German show called? Babylon Berlin. Tell it's the best show on television. It may be the best thing I've ever seen. It's a German. produced show on. It's the most expensive show in the history of Europe and it shows. But that doesn't necessarily make good. This is good because it's good. And about a Berlin one, thousand, nine, hundred, Ninety eight Weimar Republic right before the Nazis to power in it's. A detective story it's sexy nightclub story in. It's absolutely extraordinary stunned. You guys don't know what you just giving you a great gift. hundred because there. How do I find it? It's on net flicks. And my huge advice that usually everybody knows, but Netflix has a funny way of making you. Wanting you to watch it up, but of course you don't want to watch your job. You WanNa Watch it in German with saw. It's three seasons I. Think there's about twenty five episodes. You're not going to believe how beautiful and sexy wonderful to to leads are These two German actors it. It's just a story of Berlin in Nineteen Twenty eight, and a were like my best friends, and I spent the whole two weeks with those guys watching that show, and then when I got well and finally got out to Long Island and met with my partner I made him watch. It and I watched the whole thing again. That's all my God the. I watched. That just has to such a perfect. Pairing with this is, there's a network here. I'm sure is a national network called me TV which runs Oi Zeroes in. Watched Walton's every day. I hadn't seen Walton soon as a kid, and it was such a bomb to my soul to my very sex soul. Because the Waltons get. The the. Moral order is always kind of semi restored to the universe by the end of that show, so watching the Waltons, they really they really got me through it and I started taping the show, and I just saw that it was on my dvr list, and I was like Oh haven't spent time with the Watson sits was really sick I, but that show his very well. You're probably all too young to remember the Waltons but oh absolutely remember the ones. That was a very big part of my childhood yeah. On. Your convalescence. You're watching things set in the depression, and in a country that is teetering on the brink of fascism. Absolutely. I don't exactly escapist. But there was. It's sort of like. They said the reason jaws was so popular was because. The country was going through such a shitty.

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