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Zola Dot com slash Sherry for fifty percent off your save the dates back to the show the free Bob and Sheri and instantly get the podcast the gas and Bob and Sheri size one of my girlfriends called my attention to Martha Stewart's instagram which I don't know why I had already been following it but I wasn't so Martha got a lot of snow. I guess at her home in In New York she has a farm in upstate. New York and they got a ton of snow up there and so- Martha posted on her instagram. First of all her house her farmhouse look sick. Mediaeval Lord's Castle. Is that right. Martha posted pictures and video on her instagram of herself. Driving this leg snowplow plow and plowing her own driveway now. Martha famously only sleeps four hours a night so she thinks nothing of getting up and plowing but just in case case and she plowed four miles of roads around her farmhouse. Lots of I'm sure. Yeah I'm sure that some of that helped. The neighbors knows what she's doing three. So here's the thing about Martha Stewart She said I plowed for a two and a half hours. And I think I did a great job so you love. Martha's earth is confidence but Martha in the same way that Martha knows asked whether it's putting an ice Cuban glass or frosting a cupcake apparently currently there strategy to snow plowing. Only Martha new. So here's what she said on her instagram. I'm going to read you the caption. I don't like to damage the defined signed crown of my carriage roads nor do I like to disturb the gravel topping so plow leaving an inch or two of snow cover. It looks prettier and I can use the roads for horseback riding as well as cross country skiing which I can't argue with her. I know those sort of roads and that would. Here's what's amazing. She's skilled enough to know what to leave an institute snow and still get rid of the other six inches or whatever so on top of everything. L. She can do. This is perfect. She's an artisanal snow. Why haven't we elected this woman to some kind of public? I know but you know she was speaking the truth. Have you ever been on like a carriage road like at Acadia National Park they have the carriage Trails that the rockefellers originally put in further horse back in route wagon rides nothing about a defined trail. It's it's not a tar ktar or or cement. It's pebbles and it's very elegant. You know it's beautiful. It's very natural. That's what she's talking about that. That is a very specialized needs but for her to be able to get within an inch or two should have to drop that. You know that plowed just us right her vehicle. It's an it's a special adjustable of and of course Martha can calculate exactly. Yeah she's you make fun of her and you laugh. And all Martha's smoking up with snoop but the woman she gets it done the the woman knows how to get more done than anybody else. We should have elected her to something. I know where she lives in In Maine she lives Looking out at cranberry vary island actually near Bar Harbor and she has a boat somewhere just below her property and she calls it. The picnic boat would not the ski boat not the Party Boat. The picnic boat evidently exclusively used to go out to one of the islands and have a picnic. I have to say that if I had to pick a superpower needing four hours of sleep a night would be. That would be great because this is so much fun. After after she finished like articifially plowing her carriage road she headed over to the chicken coop and collected a dozen of those Pale blue eggs that she makes omelettes with or whatever sees amazing. If I only had a sleep four hours a day I would not be doing things like that. I be getting the laundry done which never seems to get done on at my house. I'll be doing things like that. I'd be cleaning up around the house I would have if I could sleep just four hours a day. I would do some of the not not what Martha it does. Because I wouldn't even know how to begin to turn this snow plow machine thing that she's driving on. I wouldn't know where the ignition was but I would. I would do more things with my life like like now my mom my whole life now is I work I clean I drive and then it's tomorrow think of all the other things you could do with your life if you only. We slept four hours a night. Does she really feel good though. I mean after after several days of four hours and nine outfield too. Good because that. Because you don't have that body hamstring. I've read an article about these people that knew very little sleep their brains and body chemistry different. They're into body. Clocks are defend. It doesn't affect them physically at all or mentally at all more sleep than you do. Yeah right like I don't feel good with your than seven hours right but to have that. That's a true super galloped. On your right the off. Air PODCAST BOB and Sheri odd cast download on the free Bob and Sheri APP website. Or wherever you get your podcast Jerry Parks Line for Bob and Sheri's mean jokes. These these are jokes. That should not be out there sherry. They should they should not be told by Anybody these jokes are out there and I only bring them up so that people know that there are some people that are thinking up these jokes all right so be aware that that these folks are out there and here we go. Arrowsmith will be performing at the grammys. So get ready for your kids to ask. WHO's that lady screaming into the microphone? It's a very major. That was me very guy. Fieri turns fifty two this week if getting into his party's anything like his arteries it'll be hard so awful so me Steve Perry this week turns seventy one at his age. The only only thing he won't start believing is everything Sean. Hannity says on Fox News very very jokes of those are an example of some jokes that are out there. l.. Chapels daughter is going into a new business other than the reality show She's going to Launch a line of beer called El Chapo Beer and you know what I think. It's going to do really well. It wasn't great name. Why do you think think that Americans would embrace El Chapo Beer? It has a great name I can just picture people asking for an El Chapo. Yeah Yeah and he's horrible horrible human being. Obviously I mean he's in America. That is right love outlines. Yeah that's exactly exactly right like when I was in Chicago they have In Chicago several stores that sell Chicago the style just stuff in Chicago t shirts and all of that. One of the biggest sellers has anything to do with capone. Al Capone the AL capone t shanks turn and sayings by Al Capone at Al Capone. Baseball bet did I see Max you might have seen it on your news feed that. They captured the tunnel genius. That was the architect of all those underground TROPPO Taupo drug tunnels did I did. I see that I did see that. Yes they got the guy got guys. This is against the guy who masterminded the tunnel that went from outside of the prison prison. He was in two underneath his toilet. And I and a little motorcycle waiting for him to get away in it worked and apparently there were other other tunnels to the name. We're using transplant. So he's still in that really Secure New York where Jeff Epstein allegedly I think he I think that's where they did. Keep him I think he's been transferred to that supermax in Colorado that it'd be for the rest of his life I I think that's where he is now. Don't you wonder what it's like to be one of the security guys one of the police officers that accompanies a guy like that on a cross country trip.

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