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The new bags uh however thirty of this he wanting to she was talking to la camila cabello was now you don't wanna hand warmers are the little plastic things in you rub your hands in the premier packet of you winer some there she said when she was recently performing at an outdoor show new york city she stopped him doubter payouts oh yeah the people have put them in their shoes and in their plan to add however you need of i guess so whatever you keep swarm seven thirty here on this issue the matt lauer story has come and gone by now and we are in the world is matt lauer ono do they your public cern now now really the hard but in curry who used to be an anchor of the day show she is doing some rounds of talk shows now she was promoting something i don't know what it was but they were asking her were you surprised when you heard about bad lowered listen which he said i can tell you that i am not surprised by the allegations that she's not trying to throw dirt on anyone but it the same time nothing surprising bears you the question yeah and a lot of people believed that he was reason why she got rain out of here right yeah they also showed her day would she signed off from the today show and issue a she was crying and stuff like may have a bad for their we all love the increase iran deal yeah we used to watch them in the morning what we do our show we watch the show and the like all of them would go a to whatever country the olympics she is that a statebacked zeller new yorker here we realized why ankara get screwed so tonight's tv lineups some pretty interesting stuff scandal and how to get away with murder crossover episodes tonight interesting yeah plus lipstick battle it's the michael jackson addition and it's not just to people it's a bunch of people that all performing tonight as spike is gone spike network it's debuts as the paramount network starting tonight so and in the fall that's on the fox television that the georgia must the readies must be doing bad because the first week goes on like only like he encapsulated those guys took tweeted yeah then i last week you could tell dillian cowley had was told to tell all the slow defrayed are tweeting about the.

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