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Me some motorcycle coast to coast brand the motorcycles. You can actually do it and today's homeboys. Who did it in one day? A straight through straight through those things stuff gas gas and go guessing so Greg Street now for the youngsters that may or may not know. Give him your history Bro. Tell them some of the career that you've affected things the to do. Is You You historical figuring. I don't think southern a lot of times. You tell you a good story. David Banner Oh to Otari the three. That was doing time when I was doing k.. One of four in Dallas heavy with Atlanta. So David had these two records first of all. Are we go back to the curricula. Today's to After that the Tommy boy curricula. Today's but after that they've been have the single. He has to records on a single. He got one little John and he got one who was the first person jaw. Why would John Lajeunesse crazy at the time super crazy and he has one will know flip? Bene- caused me. I'm I'm flying out on Sunday or Monday morning. So me me baron on Jimmy Carter cheerfully no chiefly closed on on Sunday so we just in the parking lot. We parking lot pimp. Some like better understand that the little John Record is going to be big but I think at this present time right now I take the little flip records should be I okay. There's running to history like appeal. So tell them like just like starting from Mississippi like just all the way through your career bro Radio Station. The radio station always had a passion for music. All my sisters and brothers a lot older than me And they used to take me to concerts. They have records has stereo systems. One of my sisters had like a real dope stereo system with a turntable table. Dole turntable of Dul turntable and as a little bitty. Kid I Take Guitar Lessons. Miss a ED Mississippi Music Just being around music and doing.

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