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Him asleep sweet. Ti talk so daily started saying it. He's winning durango areas about says about twenty nine hundred facing charges the animal cruelty classroom misdemeanor. Abbas burglary tools of class five felony burglary tools. The isn't it was far support about our horses caretaker. Yeah 'cause they're not animals like something's not right here and a lot of times you know. Depending on the person that can tell. Animals have been abused because they were heavier. Changes like you go something that writing. Who knows there may have even done like test and shit and was like. What is the human semen here. The fuck this He knew the he knew something was wrong. Because the horse you know acting it was acting. Different sketchy oh. I think i think the thing came back up on. Maybe i can read this from the actual pays now are yes. They knew something was up. Man it wasn't jumping the same was eating all his. Hey staying the same bad bittu used to be right. It was a nightmare for the horse. Anyway it wouldn't slaying no more wrong at least for me. Said the tanker first reported it had video surveillance camera inside the stall as our live video feed of the incident on a mobile phone app on a ring camera ring. Can you can come on the intercom today. Just sit down and watch it or they like. Hey man can stop plucking my horse or you know what they might have been asleep. Woke up the next day and you know how sometimes you get the alerts overnight unite. The focused is on ganzi. That's what happened because he probably didn't do it doing what i said. They watched it live on hitler. That's what was just said. Oh yes said what did. I just read this. It said they. They said they installed the cameras to stall and they saw this a live video. Feed the incident on a mobile phone application. So i i mean may i guess they could have watched the live be later. That's okay yeah okay. So i read it like. They saw the live footage was recorded in dean because he probably did it overnight. You make up the next morning. You see the alerts you know. They probably going through. Well you know why is it at me and a barn. They probably get it all the time. Would it be other. Animals dow shit like that and there was like. Oh wait a minute. yeah. I don't know why just assumed i just as soon as you get the live feed you. Turn it on your phone. Aegis see this coming in the barn with a horse. What the hell is happening right now. What strobe lights. From the bond baby right why glues is happening on my life eat them. I gotta wrangler hold on babylon put video real quick. Because something's going on ring alert on the like. Somebody's liber come on come on. I noticed 'cause if they would have seen a live live he might have got motherfucking shot because they probably would iran done with the fuck. Are you doing in my barn. Oh goodness so. Then they family. That cares what declined to comment. And the man later identified as barry. Let's go play area on foot with offices around the scene. He left behind the osprey backpack in a purple mountain bike which were photographed is chaired by the police department of social media. At least four people contacted believe stated. Dan let's go master. Physical description of the suspect has similar backpack and bicycle initiative. That you know what he wouldn't win in today. S why some of our courses and not guaranteed matter of fact. I would say that everybody works courses. That might be a hat. Take a little too judgmental. I feel like everybody. I feel like you. Don't go back up to any person if i wanted to. Any person on the street and ask them. Hey somebody just the horse. You got new suspects in mind. They know you know if you got somebody in mind right. Donald yeah is donald. Do you want to describe. He like he likes. Yes all right. Donald you see down the street plan with a plan with a skateboard. But it ain't got no wheels just on monday. Let's go admitted to leaving his backpack at boston behind. When he saw approach headlight in a barn. Because i call you back later police. Tell me text me felise. Numerous burglary tools. Include a grinder and bolt cutters in the backpack grinder. He said i don't know those a used in sorts. Of course of course sword course wouldn't sword we evolved in his fucking story as even more says you. Fuck you play was sort. Of course you do. Bo- during the investigation. Police mashes green Security video feed with bodycam from paths release interactions of course past leaves interactions with bear less. Go the durango. Police department receive tips from the public. Sam barrett. Let's go was heard bragging about the incident at a designated campsite for people experiencing homelessness. So he was tell may go a bad bachelors okay. I'll tell us down. You know you know. Megan these stallion nigga hours with these talion. I know the first name. But our own opinion i looked to see with a grinder is is basically one of those things that kind of spend is almost like a small saul like almost like a really small handful a bow. Take it to cut the chains. And she did. They probably had divorces lockney burglary tools. Yes jonas said. The horse had given indications to him based on his behavior that it was interested in participating in sexual activity. Jonas say he never engaged section behavioral animals. Pride to isn't it. Oh don't i was a horse doggone. First time doesn't what did the who do the horse give you a hey. Nah i didn't think i put his hoofs on the ground. I mean did the busted wide open. I mean what did the horse due to let you know that it was ready. And willing and able. I don't understand the horse. Did he opened up that barn door..

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