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Great point of course the rock scott brodeur you mentioned montreal minnesota of course has her brooks the statue of him outside the xl energy center the only thing i can guess and i guess i can ask some people to confirm this is just new york city's it's really difficult sometimes to get things done and you know where the garden is that breezeway what what do they own what's their property can they just stick a statue someplace and it's it's real if you know madison square garden you know around madison square garden really the only place i think you can legitimately put it would be in the breezeway but look how congested that is i'm not sure you can do it could they have put something up in the concourse the thing would madison square garden and i think this is really the stumbling block that you have is that it the the biggest star on the nixon rangers is madison square garden i mean that that's the selling point is the world's most famous arena all that and not just the knicks and the rangers but the boxing that's been there the tennis that's been there the concerts that have been there if you walk around the concourse when they when they arri imagined madison square garden the one thing that they wanted to honor was all of the amazing things that have happened there all the great college basketball the boxing mccown shirts and so they have like pieces of memorabilia from all the things that have happened at madison square garden since they opened it in february of nineteen sixty eight so it's not just about the rangers in the knicks so i guess the feeling is i put a mess statue up then i probably have to put a ewing statue up or i'll probably have to put you know a the butcher statue up or then i'd have to probably put something representing you know all the concerts that billy joel is played and then i guess it gets a little crazy so they have decided to kinda do it more on the memorabilia side but the statues make a difficult listen the bell centers all about the canadians right xl energy center is all about the wild so when you go through the statue go to vancouver right they've got the statue of roger neilson i mean these are the things that where the.

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