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And they don't really have that. Nunez is not that girl. Yeah, but you got to wonder what the motivate. You got to know she's got people telling her about that all the time and she's making a conscious choice and I do, which I think means, you know, she wants to focus on being a great fighter and the second it starts becoming about those other things is the second you get beat and I gotta say, I respect and we're keeping her eye on the ball. I'm gonna talk about Misha right now. I'm talking about yeah, not talking about Misha, I'm saying, the reason why I should probably head on is because they kind of need that right now. We need somebody. Right. And that's why I'm saying why they're forcing it with Misha Tate shit versus Caitlin. I mean, that's just not a headlining match. Michael chiesa, that guy, everyone. That's a big time. He also has his work cut out for him because he's coming off a loss against Luke that was he was winning. And then he wasn't. Now, I look at his monster. And this dude's Sean Brady is 14 out of Philly and I thought he was in he's one of these guys down, but I'm like, oh, this guy's gotta be a college wrestler. His wrestling's that good. And I looked him up last night. He never wrestled before. He's just an athlete. Wow. He's just an athlete with power. And he's one of those dudes that he has, I obviously want to ask him to win. He's a friend of mine. I like he has it, but holy shit, man. Certain guys, Bala Muhammad, Michael chiesa, I give them the props they deserve Don Frye, put you in that thing. You didn't give a fuck about preserving your legacy or picking easy fights. 'cause they're going right into the fucking hornet's nest. Even with this guy, to my. Tom I was like, I wanted opponent. And Neil Magny is like, pick me. And then what's his name was like, pick me the guy, the guy that I just talked about on Muhammad. He's like, I'll fight you. I mean, good for you guys. That's a fucking you guys have a good for you. I fucking love that. I love that. I fucking love it when guys like, you're the best guy out there. You're the guy who looks unbeatable, fight me. I give you a lot of props. Now, is it the smartest move? Who knows? I guess I feel like you win, right? Joanne county. Gamble. It's a big gamble, you're wrong. Everything, you know? Oh, I love it. Yeah. Do I calderwood who got married to John wood? So now it's just Joanne wood. That's fucking pretty easy. So she's fighting the girl that beat Roxanne matari, who John wood also trains. Now Don, I ask that question. So if you're if your coach just fought somebody or just train somebody to fight someone that beat your girl and now your next girl is fighting that person, does that give you an advantage or do you think maybe you could overthink it? All right, run that one by me again, buddy. John wood is training roxane moderate. All right? She loses to this girl, just like tough Brazilian girl..

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