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The feeling that people are trying to get drinking coffee or awarding p jeffrey paul is with the company canada nearest they've taken coffee combined it with cannibus and put it in a kcup so you're a new coffee and your uh your breakfast fees wherever very night a black heat our starting whip also are hughes with that the pibor straight of cannabis which actually northberg giving a little bit of a big pick up a little help you fokker some they're just know footing this coffee mug and driving to work biz cana coffees for the person not operating cars heavy equipment and you probably shouldn't try to answer email drinking the stuff to say but it is a creative way to experience the effects of something legal without smoking a there's even an indicator version infused with decaf we feel will be our help with you issues were we know others may have added mary j to their maxwell house of the past the jeffries company puts decided environmentallyfriendly cejka the lived up to the far even though the eight that we use on the paul fully composed boy properly comport little is five league goals be the trash a normal a greek are rian fertilizer beneficial for the year who's coffee in cannibus concoction has branded as brew buds and is available in the state of nevada it may be available soon in other states that have legalized recreational use but not likely here in washington dc stayed losses these k cups must be made in washington to be sold in washington brian calvert komo news and while this particular companies products may not be available in washington a quick search discovered there are some smaller local producers offering the cannabis infused kcup send the state speech up to date on your tuesday computers marina rockinger northbound 405 struggles from thank twenty all the way up to the 522 interchange then uh slow through canyon park then euro he had a torrid lynnwood area northbound i5 through everett some typical slowdowns past highway 2 southbound i5 solid traffic from northgate into downtown seattle on a tough again as he had through the south center area down to about that get kentdes moines throughout southbound i5 has improved through federal way that you're still going to find the slowdowns just south of highway 18 through the 5 curve eastbound 18 that's us logo from i5 out and see street in auburn southbound 167 is tough from algana down in the sumner is like a traffic is brought to you by kiel mortgage homelenders that will steer you straight triple eight seven seven eight k i e alka with kiel mortgage a kiel mortgage.

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