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It's got like a ziphii board pool and wave and an ice skating ring and a rock wall it's gonna be awesome getting drunk watching all that stuff dawson sit around and get drunk so check that out at book your trip it adam corolla dot com and we will be there and we will see you there the big podcast was shack and you can check that out check talking everything to everyone guys one of a kind check it out at apple podcasts podcast one app and podcast that calm right so let's see don't we have some corolla drinks crap coming up on friday night we're playing borderline thousand oaks is that what you're talking about there you go all the crew's going to be there and then i think i'll be in pasadena at noon on the pasadena on saturday at noon that total wine more so telex i'm pearl for grand ball ryan say mahala i'll you f c you inhaled volley girl show on twitter at shoe follow ace on twitter down corolla and leaves a voicemail phone number eight sixty four months fort subscribed to take a need we have been spiratou motivation click the link at adam corolla dot com thursday may seventeenth cleveland's agora theater friday teeth detroit royal oak and june ninth in portland of the as man's i ever stand up special tickets any podcast missouri about spokes and more to adam corolla dot com.

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