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Eight hundred nine four one Sean you want to be a part of this extravaganza. Great New York, New York Post has been doing great covers lately and fin caught one of comrade build the Blasios. He's thinking Linda about running for mayor. I don't even know anybody here. He's going for president now because he's reached his limit presidents for prison Z Z in or not. In what insane? Absolutely. Well, okay. He's insane. So it says stone-age it has a picture of Fred Flintstone. Okay. And what's amazing is the Blasios green plan? We're going to ban classic glass and steel skyscrapers and retrofit every building in New York. Do you know I mean, so they have a picture of the New York skyline including the freedom tower, and with the blah's yo saying that they're going to get rid of all glass and all steel and in the new Hudson yards structures in the in the not environmentally friendly. Even though they've been awarded the highest green rating. How what what is what is the what are we allowed to build with them? Whatever puts money in his pocket. I wanna know. Here's here's a question on my mind, and on your Moines on my mind. And here's the thing. You know, this is a New York issue. This is New York state of mind problem, and you know, not all of our listeners from this area. But I think that this could be a national problem, which is these these people that become mayors state legislators, you know, they're playing games. With our money, and you know, his wife just lost nine hundred million dollars. Just wear. It is so the same guy that wants to retrofit all these buildings takes helicopters when he doesn't want to be caught in the traffic takes a SUV, which is not a green emissions car. Let me tell you all the way to Brooklyn because he wants to work out in the gym that he grew up in the area. He grew up with his people who he knows where he's from as opposed to just acclimating to his current surrounding. So he wouldn't have to do any sort of emissions from any sort of large gas guzzling SUV. This is the same in who wants to retrofit all the buildings in New York City. You know, what I go for it? Get all the bids. I can't wait to see. How many bids you get? Let's get all the bids. All the bids bamboo, bam. Are you going to build? Let's say you get a free building bamboo is we are taking from the earth. What are you talking about, you know, or we can't build it out of Kent here making my point for me? This is this is the bottom line. You know, it's kind of like when I said, you know, I'm the boss because nobody else has Lucians lady. You don't have solutions. You can't even spell solutions. The problem with the socialists is that all these idiots are out there making all of these great. That's me. Oh, please. Please. We should invite her on the show. I thought we tried. I'm sorry. I I love our listeners. I would never do that. No. No, no, no, no wrong is a woman who does video aiding. It's okay, we'd like to invite around the shot like to talk over her plan for the new green. Is it a carrot free interview? She can eat whatever she wants on the air. I don't care. The the sand part is actually Mitch McConnell of all people gave a speech in Kentucky. And he said the problem is it's not just her. It's the Democratic Party. You have democratic presidential candidates. What we saw display last night, which we've been talking about throughout the day today is an unmitigated disaster. It is a five hours of crazy completely insane. Five hours of crazy. Let's great way too. Crazy. I was like good God. And I bet you see instal bed ratings. Better than normal. But normal is bad. So it's still fake news. And yeah, we were number one. Again, don't worry. The only reason we have good ratings because of our audience end of sentence boom done, but I will tell you that this this idea of retrofitting every building in the country at every home and the the dream of banning glass and steel skyscrapers and the taxes on top of it New York is going to see a mass exit. The only idiot that's going to be left. Here is me because this is where they demand that. I.

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