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H. Welcome back. Steve Mira, your focus sorta changed in nineteen Ninety-six when you started working on a haunted house case that became a book. Tell me about the case what changed for you. And what the evidence was. Absolutely. I mean for for about sixteen years I worked for corporate companies on a confidential basis. The United Kingdom. I'm not involved. A lot of. Officers and companies and businesses which were hardly England usual disturbances, and I'm not was because they didn't know how to deal with the managerial level, and obviously, well, how could was contacted initially by the ministry of December. Regarding one of that buildings in bunches, which we're having some disturbances, and what we realized I quickly is I became a managerial issue because stop wouldn't work and sits in places at the building. And also, they would work pasta certain hour of the night, and they're very legitimate regarding their experiences, they will phenomena taking place, but what was very interesting. The witnesses with seeing balls of light of life, traveling around the building intelligence say through open doorway. Light. We're only witnessed by many people back I'm recorded on by on CD TV Campbell offices, they decisive as basketball size, why balls of life. Rich was silence. We're seeing moving down Colorado's rooms, I'm not really interesting because it wasn't a time of life, especially because what we've seen in the night sky is possibly have many pools of life seen over Mexico. And I'm found how obvious. Identify who's flying object. Because these things for base, a why would they be associated with the power noble disturbances inside the building? And that's all really caught me because a connection between he's phenomena. So the ministry of defence is among the parties that were asking you for help in this were you able to help them. I love what we actually managed today was a the the building had a lot of natural. Would you be generated by quipping? We might bring down the about the is because of the way it was laid out the offices. They did. Okay. Applaud out of. Williams due to redesign the officers on the equipment. What was there was a lotta history of these buildings. There was probable things taking place. I look 'cause nobody nobody Joey back leave and say we can get rid of it. I. At the end of the day. It was all about dealing with the people who have those experts isn't how to money so we decided to coach a call about. How's the daily caller noble? Ready for the next seventeen years the corporate companies, including the London the I d I I'm the criminal investigation department. Well around the UK. I'm a major something outlet. Mm hotel even old Reynolds thing. Very interesting. What? Yes, there was certainly a lot of things taking place. I'm surprised me. How she's actually ghosts too long? No, I'm not the general. Businesses. They don't want. This information out. Not the end of the day. We ended up working for five years solid for housing associations because people were recalled since things happening strange this buildings around the UK, which they were on a call. Gold for a business that wants to back home. So obviously we designed to Pensacola. How to manage the situations? I go to the media and causes problems for the company on those devolve house field with the witnesses. When the hobbies that says is how because on the top of our list was that could say how they are. And how they how they reacted its dominance. So, but we will certainly see this. We had apple pensions. Take place mostly within the field of apologizing for stations. But we went looking very lucky the monies to analyze I I mean, this was inside a mall not replaced on the size and completely dissipated. And return don't say over about an hour and a half lay stuff in the most obvious and we managed to analyze I. Older books, which was kind of a normal book. As a set. My own the microscope through several tally down, we realized cooked. Like we have to question. How is the book disappeared? Really? Then both research looks this on ways to say. It was the saggy. Seen as evidence to show reaction. Thank them. We didn't miss smoke. Now the records. You saw some fish. Quick out the monetization of USO, sometimes close to the ground is affect some Plum. I'm show to see dot reaction taking place. I would say from the evidence that we look how. Most all the manifestation of a USO clinched the ground sexy mcgibbon pretty say physics. That's involved. I'm not was kind of a new bit sick. Now. Phenomena. We'll come back to the mechanism that you describe in a bit Barrio one ask you, you know, what we chatted in in Los Angeles earlier this year. I mentioned the an an I realize you had have had the same observation. You know, you got ghost people who don't like the UFO people and UFO people don't like the big foot people, and none of them like the crop circle people and everybody has their niche, and they don't want to talk to the other groups was that the way it was for you in terms of your your view of you photos that part of the mystery. Initially away at the beginning. Yes. You know? And I would not have seen the connection with with CFO's and everything else. And in my early days, it was only through experience. The I was able to start to see these connections and. And that was actually quite profound to see these connections and also coming from from my research path into and two aspects of of an understanding our mythology or folklore on on on our ancestors analyzing texts that were left behind from our ancestors. We started to see commonalities that they were experiencing that were you could quite easily make without across to a present day encounter with a UFO. Even even from from the the aspect of of mutilations, and because they mutilations were happening here in Ireland where before nineteen forty five. And and in fact, there's there's there's quite I believe you interviewed and average guys are determined Butler and column Nali in regards their book the circle of deceit, which speaks of a fireman the north of the country. We're one particular farmer has lost over five hundred head of his lifestock. And and he's getting nuances to this whatsoever in very unusual circumstances. And so these things are still still going on. But our ancestors, they weren't experiencing these things as well. And then whenever I started pulling oldest together, and we started. Met up Stephen Steve came to Ireland. And I brought Steve to one of the locations that that historically was known as one of these doorways to this other place, the timing that Steve had hurt me. So many times timing is essential timing is everything. And and I watched the state of a mountain to get to this place. And then and low behold, we descended into this this this cavern, and and and on a return to the surface. That's whenever we had the experience someone from inside that cavern spoke to us while the cameras were rolling and on spoke to us in a language that we did not recognize and and again, it comes back to timing on something that our ancestors had experienced. Hundreds of thousands of years before and seeing this connection, and an understanding that the mask continually changed and was was a huge wakeup call for me because then I started to look at other phenomena and within within the fetus, and such as as a nighttime attacks the reasons that the nighttime attacks were happening, and I have experienced the nighttimes attacks myself, and this is one of the things when you start studying this particular phenomenon and almost like the old the old the old saying don't staring into the abyss 'cause they expect that is what was happening on on attracted the attention of these particular nighttime attacks but having hold on a second nighttime attacks like what kind of attacks. What do you mean? These these when when are we talk with nighttime attacks? I mean, as the these creatures that were double that will come to your to your the sanctity of your bedroom. And and I'm before before they they move toward the person. You're you're hit with this particular collection, which account move. And a lot of people would say today that they were painted with the same brush and say, oh, well, that's that's just a paralysis sleep paralysis. But this is not the case. This was something very separate on. We shouldn't. We shouldn't make the mistake of saying sleep paralysis is the same as nighttime attacks. They are not they are very very different during this particular attack. Whenever this person this entity had Cam toward me. And that I was understanding what was happening at that particular time. I was able to analyze enough to understand on through uptick a process we have been able to see connections. Between this particular phenomenal within the paranormal this nighttime attack on what was happening in particular to our two. The females of the human species and nineteen nine times out of ten della tech, the females more so than the meals, and and that comes down to one just one particular component is iron. Iron is the key thing within our blood that they cannot attack wins at regular levels. They attacked the women during the monthly cycles when they become Nemec. This is something that we also saw make reading across into your fall. And this was this was a huge breakthrough for forest, but again, this is something that our ancestors Mottaki but for centuries ago, they knew that iron at self in in in in in in its core. And disrupt on keep away and elements of let's say, for instance, from an Irish perspective the ferry, and I know that that in the modern age we've got this idea of ferry. Tinkerbell and stuff like that. But that's that's nothing of to what they actually are. But the iron the element of iron was the thing that kept them away. And and this this iron has a way of of of interfering if we wear the iron of the talisman Francis, and it can interfere during an adoption scenario, and and stop the shutdown of the bombing to the fact that we can't move and as long as us that freedom to move. I'm when we move what happens to a human when he's when they're a freeze on someone is in the room. We become dangerous. And that in itself is a component which are afraid of when they come through to try and do what they do. Over the course of the plenty of what they've been doing. But iron was the key point. And I'm down in the south a low to stand to migrate that information across into the US will investigators training course, because this particular course, that we've developed Stephen out Philip is exceptionally extensive and box. What we do is. We address this aspect of the researcher understand what our bodies do because nobody else was dealing with this particular aspect we needed to look after our sales. First of all we need to understand the dangers. That are involved are dangerous involved with investigating this particular field because of many different aspects. It's not just you following. It's right across the board. So understanding that there was a conscious connection and everything else was something that really status on the path to where we were going, but we needed to understand. Biologically who we were what we can do. Aspect of her Balaji were being manipulated to allow them to do what they did to us. It's also geographical a Steve I think you were telling me in Los Angeles that you can you figured out a way to identify hotspots or places where this is more likely to occur. Can you describe the mechanism? Absolutely, absolutely. Yes. He would seem. I mean, we we did some research he's in back in the nineteen eighties. And also known as Colonel Philip call. So who gave reference ninety nine hundred to the US government actually focusing on several magnetic anomalies in connection to the UFO phenomena, conducting surveys research and traveling around the world. I realize they quickly a lot of major documentaries. For them taking place. Areas of positive magnetic anomaly, but what was also interesting services as you know, only common phenomena. How you connected, but was also citing factors restraints creature. Pixel the junk man, you it. In Dallas particular areas. And we don't think about five chance we listed thousands of different cases worldwide now, so what we've done is we visited these locations and put them on a witness phenomena. As these objects have appeared aimed those locations is definitely a connection with you. I'm these causative magnetic anomaly, which is situated all that will. I'm sorry that I don't know the answer to this already. But do these do they shift? Do they location shift in time? Or they always stay the same. Disney. Tend to tend to be.

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