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Seekers learners and cultural cooperators. These museums do this through unique. Learning experiences and interpretive practices which are more tactile interactive an inclusive than many major museum exhibits tend to be in this episode. We will explore four institutions and then discuss how important they are in the museum field. Today we learn by play on the kalamazoo valley museums. Interpretive our my name is greg wilson and i'm jacob wolf and today we're going to start off by talking about are different children's museums in the united states however before we get into the museums themselves. Let's give it a little bit of background on the institution itself. According to the association of children's museums children's museums are places where children usually under the age of ten years learn through play while exploring environments designed for them. These institutions are a transition from museums. Being about something to being for someone and the institutions including contemporary institutions heralded the value of visitors centers museums. Children's museums combine interactivity child adult and child environment activities. They focus on a theory of museum education which explores the cognitive social and cultural aspects that go into learning for children sometimes. These theories are selective or sometimes they're intertwined and often times these institutions are guided by contextual model of learning which are sorted into three contexts personal physical and socio cultural. We won't go into detail about this contextual model of learning but if you're interested in this consider looking into this model further these institutions grew over the twentieth century nineteen twenty two saw only three children's museums in the usa as twenty nine thousand nine. This increased to four hundred and growing these institutions foster the first museum experiences for many americans therefore they hold a lot of weight. The begin today's episode. Our first case study will explore the first children's museum in the united states of america. This is the brooklyn museum. The institution was established in eighteen. Ninety nine and its original purpose was collections. Which children could enjoy understand in us. Go jesse swagger. I nine hundred ninety seven..

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