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Cates. Wwl news nine oh, two Brian peers man, accused of killing five people at the capital asset newspaper in Annapolis. Maryland is pleading not guilty by reason of insanity. Voyeurs for jeered Rambos saying court filing that the thirty nine year old is not criminally responsible, quote because of a mental disorder. The filing also says he lacked the capacity to appreciate the criminality of his conduct. Ronald previously pleaded not guilty five people were fatally shot in June two thousand eighteen in the newsroom, most was indicted on twenty three charges and the attack. If Ron mose were found, not criminally responsible. He could still be confined to a mental health prison facility trial set for November. Did he see teachers unions demanding Justice for a former teacher who's not gone back pay even though an arbitrator says the school system owes him nine years of it and arbitrator ruled last summer that former DC public schools teacher, Jeff Kennedy was fired illegally and a school system. Owes him hundreds of thousands of. Of dollars in back pay. But he hasn't seen a dime of it. And that's put him through a lot in a homeless shelter. He's tried to get other jobs. President of the American federation of teachers, Randi Weingarten, says Kennedy was fired for speaking out against then chancellor, Michelle Rhee, Heather Curtis. Sound w Allen WMA L dot com. President Trump's choice to join the Federal Reserve Board is taking a victory lap on the stronger economy. We have seven point one million more jobs than people to fill and the wage increases. I mean, it's just a beautiful picture of an economy right now. And Steve Moore who's been an economic advisor to President Trump tells mornings on the mall, the future looks bright. I really believe we can have an economy that grows, you know, three and a half to four percent as for his future on the fed. What I will do when I get over the fetish. Make sure we keep that dollar very stable as as good as gold, and that's the best thing you can do with the currency. John Matthews on WMA L Wm AL dot com. Wwl news time nine oh. Four now, wwl traffic.

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