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The ball well at all game three and that didn't really matter kind of winter micro analyzing it i think those guys kinda like i get my shop back up and usually what happens is when clay stuff don't have their shot going they they basically be their normal cells the following them yeah you know i it this point i think there's emotional fatigue or an injury steve curve's gonna come back i think he's really smart i guess joe lake abs sun maybe maybe there could be some dysfunction in the front office if his son has too much power over the course of the next year bob myers feels threatened you know that's the thing feels like it's rolling for another year you know we never talk about steve kerr in this which all about the players but if you if you look at most dynasties popovich and riley you know phil jackson you know we love to give football coaches love we never give nba coaches love red are bach chuck daly you know these things the we don't talk about kerr but gadi smart i mean this the i think this is a harder team i thought they were bored out of their mind for big portions of the regular season you covered them i mean discourage get enough enough credit you think it's all relative i mean he has a lot of talent i think he's going to what phil jackson used to fall under aware you know the gut reaction as well it's really nice easy to coach a team when you have future hall famers and there's no debate about it you need to have talent to win the nba any professional sports but we're steve kerr goes into place he's really been able to kind of manage the stars you know to the stars credit there's not a lot of you know why vols or ego on the team i mean they know who they are and they have a good dose of healthy eric but there's not much of that you know fight pecking order oh tonight's my night to have my shots they don't really have that a lot of any adjustments or adversities they went through it all was either tactical xs and os which is kind of boring and then to.

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