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It meantime the future of Leesburg's Confederate monuments he is the center of a growing controversy and it will also be the focus of a future public hearing Loudon County Board of supervisors chair Phyllis Randall says on July seventh show last the board to hold a public hearing about the Confederate statue on the grounds of a welding county courthouse I do not believe that a Confederate statue belongs on public property and my vote will be to have it removed she says some of been offended for decades by that statute tearing it down it feels good at the moment but I want the people who have been wronged by this infighting in this watch the process play out as it should they deserve to be in the board room and this happened in Loudon county Neolog consisting WTOP news historians are looking into the past of the district police department it's a checkered journey that alternates between including and excluding blacks and it dates back more than a hundred fifty years one figure who stands out in Washington's history of sales Bowman who was elected mayor in eighteen sixty eight he appointed the police department's first two black officers and in the following years historian George Derek Musgrove says you get a pretty solid number of African Americans on the police force and some of them actually attempt to protect black rights during this period but that didn't last very long in eighteen seventy four Congress stripped away the right to vote from all DC residents and the police department purged itself of its black officers by eighteen seventy nine just one black officer was left on the force neckline Elie WTOP news if you've been working from home for months you and your boss may be having discussions about how and when you'll get back to work and one of the things you'll need to consider is how you're going to get there some people may be tele working for many more weeks to come others may want or need to get back to a more traditional work environment but how will you get there if you normally ride sharing a car or van pool the council of governments computer connection recommends limiting the number of passengers to one per roll and sitting diagonally from passengers in the vehicle if you're returning to public transit on your commute try to avoid full rail cars and buses and avoid touching services that many others are touching and of course we're a face covering.

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