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Yeah, it does. It. Does it. Science. Look it up. Of course. You know Brian nobles. Of course, she she would know that That's scary. Movies and love have something tied together. Love ride at the carnival, and when you went inside, it was all full of scary stuff that now all leads up. This report is brought to you by churches. 80 from Roseville. Nine minutes gets into the cap City split, Get a little slowing in spots on the cap City Freeway 10 more and you're downtown, though 13 minutes get too informal growth on either five or 99. Are on the high five rather on 99 16 minutes. That's due to some slowing that begins right around Florin Road. 50 looks good. All the way in from Folsom. That's an 18 minute commute from Woodland on I five No delays there 20 minutes and got some slowing the one the North bound side from Del Paso too. A little bit past highway 99. If you're coming in from Davis, he sound 80 across the causeway. No delays there 16 minutes in the heavy stuff is going the other way West down. I 80 very slow from West Help me? No. All the way there were little pass. West Capital not completely back to the limit. Ew Pass Child's road. Ah, lot of that is due to some construction blocking Elaine of westbound on I 80 getting through West Sacramento backing up 50 westbound all the way the Harbor bowl into churches today and experience a true original bourbon black pepper smokehouse chicken is back pepper and kissed with their bourbon glaze on Leah churches, only five box churches, bringing that down home flavor offer valid at participating locations. Traffic center news 93.1 kfbk, all right, It is going to be warm today and I know that because my forecast group says scorching sunshine. Those warm dry weather also is.

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