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Pete McMurray in the all states Pete McMurray in the skyline studios to seventeen the governor comes on around two thirty so we're gonna take Dr Ben singer from northwestern hospital right up to the governor in doctor I saw a woman on ABC seven yesterday Deborah Westfall who has the virus in we have are on the line and I want to Deborah to kind of tell her story because Devery you didn't have a fever when you first were feeling ill is that right no I did not have a fever at all last Wednesday the eleventh I started the I have a cough and I had some some body ache and it was a dry cough I also we kinda lost my ability to taste anything and you know my body aches got a little bit worse and my cough got a little bit more and then on Sunday I had heard that someone in my building was infected with the virus so on Monday I had a horrible coughing attack to where I couldn't catch my breath and that's when I called my primary and I think because I'm a breast cancer survivor and that I've recently gone through it they wanted to get me in for a tough time right away sure so I I was directed to go up to a clinic through north shore university health systems in Gurnee where they they give us a lot of my throat and two swabs inside my nose they came back and they told me that I tested negative for influenza and strep throat and that they'd be sending my test off to Evanston hospital and that I would hear in twenty four to forty eight hours I heard back twenty three hours later that I was positive and what did they tell you to do did they give you medicine that they say just go home get some rest what did they tell you to do so when I left the clinic they told me to practice social distancing don't come within six feet of anyone wear this mask and they gave me a mask so I I did I I came back to my apartment and then when I found out that I had it they told me to stop quarantine for fourteen days so a friend picked up my dog because I obviously can't walk them right up I live in a condo well let me let me ask the doctor so doctor no fever they wanted her quarantine I mean this is the eighty percent that they talk about that the eighty percent here you're just gonna go home you're going to just lay in bed for fourteen days are just going to hang out yeah fortunately most cases are mild and don't require hospitalization and and don't require intensive care were worried of course about the cases that can progress people can get very sick and and even require life support but fortunately as as is our guest here hasn't hasn't needed that level of care and and can just treat this like you would any other flu at home that's right so Deborah aches and pains what are you feeling right now since it started last Wednesday today Sunday how are you feeling now you know so it's actually you know I'm like on day ten so it was it was the eleventh that I got sick I'm feeling so much better you know I still don't have I would say I I still don't have my taste buds back that's for sure a lot of us would wish that we didn't have taste buds I I've lost six pounds there is a plus right there but there's a silver lining you know and and my my energy level is still a little bit low but aside from that you know and I have a little bit of a cough I'm getting better every single day doctor once you get the corona virus is it a year or life you won't get it back for a year or maybe for the rest of your life or we don't know at this point we don't know at this point and so so glad to hear that you're you're feeling better that's wonderful to hear the the the taste and the smell disruption that that's something we're hearing more and more about I'm very interested to hear that the report of that as well we do know that people will develop antibodies in their blood against the virus and we think and we certainly hope that that will be protective but to the extent to which it will be protective against infection reinfection similar viruses and how long that lasts is still an open question yeah bro take care yourself thank you for coming on the radio any time take care all right there you have it there is a woman that did not have a fever but she had most of the symptoms and she went in and tested positive and she's been at home and she's getting much much better Dr Bensinger from northwestern hospital on the line we take a few more calls before the governor comes on yes all right let's go to Fran in park ridge Fran what is your question for Dr singer well I bought some hello I am a dine in when they came and opened the package I thought that they were produced in China I mean total wrapping all in Chinese the only thing in English with the alphabet puzzle and I just wondered before I give them to my grandkids for Easter are in a state stock ET yes I I would say that they are I think the the risk of transmission for a package optically that's been manufactured China or anywhere else ships and then sat it is very unlikely that there is any transmissible virus there I I think it's it's safe to give those puzzles after Easter all right let's try to bang a few of these out we got a minute left dating crystal lake what's your question for Dr singer from northwestern hospital hi there I had a splenectomy about twenty years ago and my more prone to infection so yet so there are many people that have had selected means following either car accident or for other reasons that are out there certainly as you as you know people with connecting these are at risk for bacterial infections and so we want to make sure that people selecting user are up to date on on a number of vaccines you're probably at you know different risk of getting the virus but what I would worry about it again this is speculation because we don't know about selecting these in particular is I would worry that that people slack to meet maybe at higher risk to develop severe complications because their immune systems aren't exactly what a person who has the screen might be so I think taking you know even extra precautions even beyond what you might normally do even with our social distancing it makes sense because because they think that that would be considered something that's that's higher risk than average all right thank you let's do you know what document have you hold on for one second I'm to take care of these commercials then we'll take you up to the governor okay Dr Ben singer from northwestern hospital is here three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred we have one open line we'll try to get these in before the governor speaks in five minutes at seven twenty WGN.

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