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Recently spoke to by mailman in depth, and his voice has one of those puff out. Millon in depth in a city. Just the other day on a chili dog. When he came up delivering wrong up your, but and I decided he was talking about how he was gonna come back with something else. When we come back. I'm back here at ten pm can fly win. It's with other. And then I was like, wow, he talks like that. Like that was one of those things like Pronger from Africa. But it's one of those things do hear it in Khartoum. So people have kind of two. Yeah. Charming to see a person. What did he come back with some cooler stuff? You only got your loot. Cray gate may clip Huhne's brash mummy. Five minutes. Closer dip shit. He had. Because actually ten minutes what he's in ten minutes. And he was delivering packages news come back with the regular paper mail. So they had a plan. I know I'm going to bring only half your stuff, and then walk for he had explained it with a did have fun realize that guy could do the voice by arbs are all full of rail. I haven't gave this now again more. I don't think I've ever gotten into any sort of conversation with my male. I think I've met most of my male men and they tip them at the holidays. Sure, we do that. Oh, nice of you know, tell you something can I tell you something we used to in our old place. We used to have the same male UPS, whatever for the longest time long is. Star though. And then all of a sudden, we would get a person who. When we said. I don't know. There's a little dance. Little did little doo dads. Get. Get. Good down tonight. So this person has gone both who did whatnot. So then it started to be just people that were there for a few months, and then it would constantly rotate. And we would rotate the the same people came back. They never came down. So just be it would just be new people every few months. And that has transferred to our new home where we've been for the last few years is that we don't have. We started the same way where we'd have the the regular guy, you know, every single time. And then it would be every few months. It would be a different person on now. What government job would you most enjoy probably that president of the United States? Really? To reach for the star our loved open. My finances up for everyone to.

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