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It really helps support the show. Kevin Rigo Welcome to talk by thunder me thanks. I Hey have you guys. Both on the show. This topic is something that I'm both faceted with and actually not very knowledgeable about so it's awesome and it has a really cool bunch of python going on as well so I think we're GONNA have a lot of fun talking about radio telescopes in just processing ridiculous amounts of data. I think we're talking coming this the other day that kind of the site of how big this number sound because if you aren't always this realm you don- you don't realize that this is actually pregnant. Yeah that's an understatement. So we'll definitely dig into all the data and everything that's going on. It's pretty impressive. It's certainly well. I'll leave until we get to you but it's some crazy crazy numbers that y'all all are doing but before we get into that stuff. Let's just start up briefly with how you got into programming python. Maybe Kevin you go. I did my degree in physics back in the UK and then stayed around doing very languages. I programmed in C C plus plus prologue less small talk and from by. You can tell them quite old when I came to join it Carter in two thousand nine parthenogenesis of defense language for a little astronomy. So I learned. Yeah what was that? Learning Python experience like much easier Golfer and C. Plus plus the syntax. She's just so much cleaner it is and it sounds like you have experience with a lot of different languages right like scheme lisp. Small Talk C. Plus plus there's a lot of different examples and so you know you come to python and you're like Oh this is a weird language. It doesn't have any line breaks or it doesn't really love the Senate like a lot of syntactical elements in there. But Somehow Title I do find it funny that you can still write them. If you just feel the need you know. Just put him at the end. It's okay for probably between tell each. I apply challenge. Because it tells you you don't really need. Yeah exactly if you really need that comfort blanket. I suspect you could turn off. That Code Texan Code rule and chairman. Just just put this cold but you may not be accepted by your fellow. Pie Them Program. It's right it's right Rodrigo. Have I always liked computers so I decided to go on? I agree without really knowing exactly what competing wasn't doing. Learning design become became evil to be a stormy we have students who are doing honoration Sweden some observers I'm originally from Chile jillion around many observatories because conditions are so good for something. So there was this group of students. Equal rations wigs solve several. Tracy Taylor you go basically into business Latini. I moved into the European Southern Observatory Florida's in Germany. I worked for years and then moved here to e. cry you know spreading out to continue working in particular study doing some more by down hearing Show done capital basic scripts before by nothing much to it really got into their wits now. Weaver County using Python Well that sounds really fun. And certainly Chili's is one of those places where astronomy especially radio astronomy right is that where contact was filmed. No conflict was filmed the. Us in New Mexico south of Albuquerque. It was set though in like in that area right. In general I definitely South America somewhere. It'd be awesome CBO. Maybe I think so. Oh Yeah Yeah. Shelter to number civilian. Does he reco effort. Okay Yeah Yeah. Yeah okay. Puerto Rico okay. So it's not exactly the same one but there's definitely with the mountains there there's a bunch of observatories right yes yes very on the optical science will so for Optical Andrei destroy me you different set of requirements if you want for optical one lights super super clear skies whereas you can have clouds so delay in the north of tillers huge which is very very high perfect for right right right right so yeah. I hadn't really thought about that. Of course for optical stuff the higher the better but what are the requirements for Radio Telescopes? Ben's on on the frequency that the rate of frequency that you're serving is you are in. The high frequencies is basically amount of water in the skull Piombo or P. B. B. I forgot the time for altius. Romi is sorry for the lower. Prices of raiders for me is are fine. The radio frequency interference any Meeting Radio Frequency Wise. So you want very isolated places from us. Okay I see as will learn. You can measure things like water and stuff very far away with radio. Telescopes right just suspect having like water in the air as a problem. That's interesting microwave agitated Walter. It's the same basic principle. That's the Alma telescope. Which is in the desert is number. Bigamous thing has to be high that there is no moisture that the stuff we tend to work on generally convey down and a little bit higher. Okay interesting and what do you guys do day to day? Are you both doing Strana me basically day-to-day or code for astronomy me. Pretty much I mean. Most of my work is helping. Mohawk or storm is do things faster so every time for a group who were doing some multiple web it was taking full t two days to do something they then pasta over to us. We go down to eighteen hours. That's awesome that means you can do so much more science right. But as a classic divide and conquer problem at paralyzed line matt talks embarrassingly parallel and we Scott Shaw. We don't really do gathering till the very end Bassett. I see so. It's almost like you can almost do individual computation on a per pixel basis maybe the equivalent of a per pixel basis. We tench Wilkin Frequency Channel. Molden GAY but yes so. We would just purchase one particular or one of frequencies on one machine depend on another number on another world. Do quite a bit of machine learning. What Tech Team are affi- application wage doing corrections actually now moving? Some of our struggle me work into oceanwave investigations and transit or whether we can correct the swell so there's no way there's going to be a good idea right. Okay now. That would be a really unexpected consequence or outcome or capability from studying. Gravitational waves is better surf. Predictions obligation state has different quicken small. Yeah I guess so. Yeah the whole gravitational wave detection stuff is some pretty cutting edge science and it's really interesting and it's cool that you're using machine learning to try to understand that we have a smoke group working on it. We've got ten inches in the pump detectors. This is a very active area of research. There's a lot of groups around the world working on. Yeah I think it's kind of amazing. There's a Lotta stuff with gravity oriented things in astronomy right now. We have the gravitational wave detection for the Clintons Black Holes. We have the first picture of black holes in the last year and a half or so whenever that was going on around their medical field teaching. Sure I guess. If you're already university eventually you might end up. Interacting with a student or two very cool. All right Rodriguez. What about you got kind of similar? I on personal rights became evolving stormy. So I help a summer through the software in different languages for different purposes. Sunil only for me but also for Analysts form we also am theoretical group so people who simulations formation such so all over the place on we only me about all the people in the group we specialize comes kind of in this area of killing. Romans? Lloyd's mice also. On how much do you end up helping them with? Standard Software Engineering. Things like Hey. I need to teach you source control. This is get hub. Let spend an hour talking about that or are they pretty much. Good to go. The generation older durations. Aw It'd be harder to kind of move to sign a newer people like Jonker people come with all those concepts. Serie Computing Rights. They never give ray there so do help to push that. Far East most multi on their Meghan this offer the same side of thanks Entitled Opportune Opponent. How you organize it. Codes optimize things for the particular architecture on someone Okay cool and you're also working on this S. K. A. Construction the square kilometer array. Just this whole topic. I guess we'll talk more audits later. By one of the main institutions that are working on the square kilometer array yet. So it's interesting. I don't know if it's works for light. But it does for radio that if you put multiple detectors and sort of densely but not actually connected at one giant and tanner something you can put that together like a bigger detector right bigger lens in the radio world. So that's the idea right. Just that's exactly Gaskell interferometry you basically if you got three on tennis. Abc Do you do. Is You take measurements in the from from BSE. And then you correlate every repair so to correlate the from be from being from Do that correlates are. Which is the one voice doing all this mixing signals and out goes one correlated thing though which is as if you have one big content. So that's what happens in Vegas for me. I think I'm not sure by up to college. You can also from A to B. But I'm not sure how the kind of work in the science cool so this. Esca project is the square kilometer array which is International Project. That you all are working. On involving thirteen countries that are full members of the project in the Or others who are just participating right. Yeah that's right is the collecting. Because you know we're we're starting to run out of things off the screen. Where do we generally collecting area system is now missing in spite of the fun telescope which means belting countries so the life frequency components coming up to Western Australia and the Frequencies Gang South Africa? So they'll be speaking meat dishes in South Africa. I'm one hundred. One hundred and seventy two and ten is Western Australia so called Com fifty million euros just for the the first one. I don't know a hundred and thirty one thousand antennas bringing all this data. That is a huge amount of antennas. And it's your Joe decombis second five hundred fifty gigabytes a second. I don't really have a great way to understand that number. Honestly like you gotTa think of large cloud services like youtube or Netflix. Or something like that right and we say no orange them. Visualize it if you take your you know your how drives your five hundred heart ripe under throw it and you throw one of those second right. Yeah that's a lot of data also takes a lot of power right. Yeah that's one of the the the key things because we we would like Green as possible but we go cap on the moment to make a wall system on the planet. So that's still a challenge. We have to address. Yeah you almost need your own power plant. Tell me how much somebody call the ready down. Okay is it the blades that generate? Rfi Or is it the generators that generate. Yeah yeah this portion of talk python is brought to you by Leonod whether you're working on a personal project or managing your enterprises infrastructure..

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