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Keeping an eye on Paul manafort's. Financial fraud. Trial today Rick gates his former friend continues to roll on Paul Manafort telling jurors how he spent years disguising millions of dollars in foreign income as loans to lower. Paul manafort's tax Bill Rick gates is, the government's star witness and he talked about how he and Manafort would use offshore shell companies and Bank accounts to funnel the money all while concealing those accounts and. Income from the IRS I think this is done All the time Yes well I think there's the scope of which are the magnitude of this is probably not matched. By by many I think it's probably matched by A few hundred thousand maybe So. Snapchat is a bad thing. It's not a horrible thing have you gotten year journal? From the American Medical Association JAMA journal yet this this month It might be stacked underneath my garden and gun magazine that I have That's an actual Maga's get through garden and gun you will see research. In, your Jamma research from Boston University school of medicine's department of dermatology, oh I. Love their stuff and it's all about what they call Snapchat Dismore FIA It's causing widespread concern among experts. Who are worried about not the plastic surgery customers they're about to get but. The people who are suffering bruised damaged self esteem as a result of not actually looking like. The pictures. That appear on Snapchat or Instagram and cetera it used. To be that people would bring photos of celebrities. To plastic surgeons now they're bringing photos of themselves through filters to plastic surgeons to try and. Look, like that it's interesting we're like in a world of people wanting. To look Heavily filtered edited edited and we're also in a world of people who are having a hard time with. Models and airbrushing and there's this big craze to post pictures of yourself without. Makeup that's a big thing in the celebrity world to let people know what real women look. Like and. It's not the airbrush pictures you see in the magazines And listen I, don't I don't even understand this well I guess I understand this. Here's this if you look at Snapchat as an example Instagram to a and other photo editing. Apps that you have will allow. You to do things like Add flour crowns or, puppy ears but they'll do other stuff. I mean obviously you're not going, to go to the plastic surgeon get puppy yours. But. Maybe they give you freckles or the app will elongate your eyelashes in, the, picture or. Your eyes. Get wider or the skin. Flaws, are all gone there are. Apps like. Face tune they take things a step further, for three ninety nine you can have access to a whole host of editing tools like teeth whitening It will make your forehead smaller why do you. Say that with this thing song, voice because you lament all the time about the. Size. Year forehead I don't see it as an issue but you have a little Sing song voice you have body Dismore fiesta with your forehead no you think it's much larger than it is. I mean it's a big forehead. Let's be clear but it's not an issue? The neighbor asked me to stand at the end of his driveway so. That he could project the movie on, my forehead for his kids That's just him picking up on. Your body just morpheus and using it to screw with you now most people use these filters or editing software for simple things like you clear up a, blemish, that you have maybe your lips are, plumped whatever it is but then you take this to a, plastic surgeon and you say I want this and I want it now I, want all, these little this and that and this, and that and that I want him gone and the plastic surgeons are in a position like listen I, could potentially and eventually do it, but it's gonna take you a lot more than a week and it's not going to. Be one hundred percent like an app would be you know it's crazy. When you think about it could we grew. Up, looking at ourselves in the mayor's completely imperfect. And with, all of all of. That go all, of that going on but. Kids really have grown up today looking at themselves through filters through filters on apps and so maybe they're looking at that more than there Looking at what's really in the mirror and so they're seeing. These imperfections as not just the normal way things are Well I'm part of that is the most, popular Instagram accounts are usually perfect people but, there are no such things but their images are that they're perfect people and I don't know how you convince look I have. A fifteen, year old daughter and how do. I convince her that, the most attractive quality is not how she looks I mean I don't have, any? Problem with I, think she's beautiful, but that's not what is the most attractive quality for her or for anybody right? It's it's, gonna be her self-esteem her confidence going into a room it. Can she, hold her own in a conversation I mean. Those are the things that make it so much more important. I mean. Those those, things are so much more important you can't Snapchat. That you can't. Instagram how confident you are at least I mean you could write it and. You could put some I don't know I the being obsessed with. Social media Images like, that is a dangerous dangerous place to be especially if you're. In that, those formative years where you're trying to figure. Out where you belong well and that's why it's so odd. To me. That we're, dealing with this now when there is so much. Attention on it's. Not the way that you look and You know with the with the, no makeup sell fees and there's so much of that going on because there's all the backlash about, models in the airbrushing and they look perfect and that's the idea of a perfect woman and so now we've seen, the plus size models in the nowhere brushing And this one, eighty and direction we still go for there was a survey done if they do it every? Year for the American Academy of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery? Industry and, last year the survey found that fifty five, percent of surgeons reported seeing patients who requested surgery to look better and sell fees and you go in there and they, give you a little form and why do. You want why do you want plastic surgery and the fifty five percent Of surgeon say. That they saw. People write, down I want. To look better and sell fees and it's. Not just a it's not just something like I don't. Feel good about how I look that in some of these cases a study published in two thousand seven and primary psychiatry. Found that eighty, percent of people who go so far as to actually fall into the category of body Dismore Vic disorder experience lifetime, suicidal idealization and twenty four to twenty eight percent have attempted suicide that's why it's I mean? It's that serious that's why your forehead is beautiful to us You can pick me cry Coming up next a story that you work at a do the story yesterday you said you couldn't. Do it on your own I don't I don't want to see uncomfortable does make, me uncomfortable it's a dating. Service, that doesn't rely well I mean I guess going off of what, we were just talking about it's not all about looks no. It's about smells and makes perfect sense to me Fair, amounts are very important when it comes next her husband and, apologize on your how many. Times, do you have that feeling a day a day Too many problems Gary. And Shannon in for Bill Handel this morning Jennifer without here's the. Latest on. The heat and fires in California forecasters are, warning people in southern California keep cool and stay safe during the peak of this heat wave excessive heat warnings are in effect for most areas today the holy fire that started near holy Jim canyon Enosis.

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