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Near seventy that wwl kY forecast, I'm meteorologist Mamello Cevik. It's forty eight News Radio eight forty W H S our top story as the Sri Lankans bombings and more. Details are starting to come out about the attack. The prime minister of the nation says the government had some prior information about possible attacks on churches involving a little known local Islamic group BBC correspondent, Sharon it. Lyle reports there are lots of questions to be answered much did the government knew. And when we all. Hearing from this press conference. Of course, that there was some suggestion that the abilities will does any as April the Nevins at some sort of tack would take place, but somehow this was not communicated to the prime minister run the singers at office. Meanwhile, in California woman is in custody after interrupting an Easter service there with a gun thirty one year old Anna Kanchi walked into a church the handgun in her ten month old baby on Sunday, a group of parisioners tackled her and took the gun away. Police say they recovered the gun found. It wasn't loaded. David Michael Miller, one of those pressures who tackled the woman, she's being very apprehensive pointing the gun at that point and got her baby. Saying don't come into close. Don't come to closer. It's seven oh, two at NewsRadio. Eight forty W H A AS happening today. Indiana state police expected to announce a break in the two year old investigation to the killing of two teams Abby Williams, and let me Germans bodies found in February of twenty seventeen. Eighteen days after they disappeared while hiking the case remains unsolved after detectives release photos and a sketch of the suspected killer. Sources say no arrest has been made. But police say the investigation is going in a new direction Germans, mother Kerry. Tim and says she's cautiously optimistic and not real sure what to think of the words new direction. But if it's an interaction that gets us closer to to to the end, then I'm all for it. While it's unclear what the announcement will be. It's believed to be significant enough to have state police superintendent Doug Carter deliver it at ESP headquarters later today. MS -chusetts congressman Seth Moulton has entered the democratic presidential primary. He's now the nineteenth democrat in the running for the White House. He's a marine combat veteran who was awarded a bronze star for his service in Iraq. The president back at the White House today after spending Easter weekend playing golf with an LPGA star and a radio talker present spent the weekend mar-a-lago where whereas golf partners included LPGA star. Lexi, Thompson and radio host. Rush limbaugh. Today's the Easter egg roll on the White House lawn after today it'll be too late to register to vote in the may primary. It's deadline for Kentucky inns to register to vote the state board of elections says if you want in on the may twenty first primary you have to register by four o'clock this afternoon local time and apparently Connie west is selling Jesus socks, Mr. west offering the socks at Coachella two pairs of socks for fifty bucks. Mr. west selling those socks along with other church themed merch at what he called his Sunday service held Easter weekend. At Coachella social media jumped on the sales some quick to express. Indignation at socks reading Jesus. Walks and church socks being sold for such a high price your next news update coming at seven thirty. I'm Clark NewsRadio. Eight forty W. H AS, Kentucky, Anna's breaking news, weather, and traffic station..

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