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Universities they are shutting down early across our area to allow everybody to get home safely KOP's Kate Ryan has been monitoring she's live in our studio with info on whether you are for you rather whether you are headed home or already there Kate that's right if you're on the road keep in mind that should you into run flooded roadways you do not want to try and power through turn around your tires can lose contact with the road with just an inch or two of water across it it's not the depth that gets you into trouble it's the sudden lack of traction if you can and you haven't been let home early yet you may want to wait this out so again it's just not something you want to get out and get into if you haven't already make sure your your electronics are charged so that if you do have a power outage you can keep in touch and reach out to the utilities to report an outage do not approach down power lines always assume they're live and the utilities in our area again ask you to download their app and report outages as soon as you experience them if we do get those high winds we're talking about those heavy heavy gusts of up to 80 mph be sure to move to a safe portion of your home if you have trees that are up against the home to move to a different part of your house and bring in anything that could be launched in these high winds in Prince George's County for example the Department of the Environment is asking homeowners that have Tuesday morning trash pickup to wait until tomorrow morning to put their trash out for collection yeah it's a smart move right there thanks so much Kate it's 334 and you know as we were saying there's a long list of local governments that have shut down early for the day saw the University of Maryland included the weather risk also shut down federal offices in fact workers for the federal government were among the first to be sent home so that they can get back safely before this storm starts moving in here employees have the option of requesting unscheduled leave or they work for the rest of the day if they really want to and the threat of storms is already leaving many airline passengers stranded at our three major airports last check at BWI Marshall about 140 flights have been canceled that's about 20 % in and out Reagan National reporting 120 canceled flights far so Dulles reporting about 40 cancellations now if you're heading to the pink concert at Nationals Park tonight it's still on for now officials at the stadium say they're staying on top of the weather situation and they'll us let know if something changes there we're going to be on top of all of these things as the weather moves through this afternoon stay with WTOP and WTOP .com for frequent updates this is changing a lot all right 335 now on WTOP and other news today former president Trump's ability to talk about the Justice Department's election interference case could be curtailed soon his lawyers have until late this afternoon to respond to a DOJ motion that would limit what he can say about discovery evidence after prosecutors believed that they were threatened by Mr Trump as former president Trump continues to lash out on the campaign trail those indictments aren't worth the paper they're written on they're not worth they took away free speech the Justice Department asked a federal judge to weigh in after Trump posted a message on social media that prosecutors felt was threatening saying if you go after me I'm coming after you Trump's lawyers have until 5 p .m. Eastern to respond to the motion in that CBS correspondent Natalie brand now coming up in money news after traffic and weather the irony in the latest push back to the office on Jeff Glabel and again severe possibly constructive weather is creeping into our area with potentially heavy wind gusts up to 70 miles an hour significant hail the latest forecast on the way 336 life is full of stressful situations going to the dentist shouldn't be one of them at Nova Dental anesthesia they take the stress out of your visit to the dentist Nova Dental anesthesia offers a full range of dental services and

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