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Go after it now and that's why you get dunc'd on shan's probably in more posters than any other nba player 'cause they'd go all man look at that don't on on roundly how is that chogm roundly but i i went to australia to do a story and this is when i was at espn i convinced them to let me go to sydney australia and it was around christmas time and i i took a flight it took me twenty two hours i think to get there i connected in chicago than la and then went to australia because shawn bradley was on his mormon mission and i thought it would be a great visual dabbas seven foot six guy with a guy who was five nine with him going doortodoor and he was in the mormon mission spreading the faith and awareness black suit white shirt lifetime and so i went over there and and spend a couple days with him he wasn't there that long already had an australian accent come on the eve wait wait mate want where we want barbie ship shrimp all of now come on wait are you serious are the editorial he had an australian accent i think he was only they're like two weeks i so i gave him a little bit of grief without but it didn't work out obviously now with the didn't as sixers have keith van horn to oh yeah yeah was he the number to pick as well he wherever he was the next larry bird he was pretty good for a little while he has declared i know but you can't say you the next larry bird our trust me i i was rooting so hard for those sixers teams and i lost all faith and a couple of phone calls best and worst of the weekend jordan peel won best screenplay forget out and you.

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