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The news watch never asked wbz news time 1132 it's 45 degrees in boston and good morning time broad ritz wbz dev's here's what we're following in the wbz newsroom on your thursday morning senator jeanne shaheen once uncle sam to investigate the us olympic committee and usa gymnastics we have another gun law in massachusetts only one week left for gun owners in massachusetts to get rid of their bump stocks people have known about this for a long period of time and why cutting back on smoking may god being worth the effort wbz weather it is going to be windy and cold temperatures stay on the 20s real feels in the teams today things get a little bit better tomorrow and milder towards the weekend on wall street rising the records the dow at one hundred thirty eight points the bloomberg business report is coming up wbz news time eleven thirty one good morning senator jeanne shaheen of new hampshire is calling for a federal investigation of the united states olympic committee and usa gymnastics it follows the decades of sexual abuse by dr larry nassar who was sentenced to up to one hundred seventy five years in jail yesterday senator shahin says she would like to see a select committee start this investigation before the winter olympic games in south korea next month while owners of bumps stocks here in massachusetts have one week to get rid of them or they could face charges the devices turn guns into automatic weapons like the one used in the las vegas massacre last october wbz's ben parker reports there some push back into possible legal battle brewing here over the past week or so gun licence holders in massachusetts let's have been receiving letters telling them that as of february first bumped stocks as well as trigger cranks are illegally massachusetts state rep david lynn ski backed getting rid of the devices in legislation passed last fall people have known about for a long period of time jim wallace with the gun owners actually says the short notification window is a problem as is the criminal prosecution that could follow for those who don't comply don't show either it not like it's a 100dollar fine you know possession o of these items now could actually get you life in prison while his says there'd been conversations with attorneys about constitutional issues ben parker wbz newsradio 1030 wbz news time 1132 have you ever searched for a needle in a haystack will.

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