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My god play of the day. Check this out. Mccullers one to pitch strikes him out of detroit strikes house neither side of the road sue courtesy spectrum sports net max scherzer strikes out ten including jose. Altuve eight three times ten ks ties him for the most by a dodger team debut since the franchise moved to la in one thousand nine hundred fifty eight. The voice of the dodgers. Charlie steiner a little bit later on play the day brought to you by mercedes benz vans. They go far beyond from their customization options. Cutting edge tech to their five star sales service financial support crew. Make sure you go the extra mile taking that all important for step into an authorized dealership today. Mclovin sent me a list. The ten teams with the most hall of famers in the nfl. Let's see who wants to guess which franchise has the most hall of famers. Althea will start with you. I i thought of pittsburgh was the first team that came to mind. All right mclovin already know seton. This team has thirty five hall of famers. Does that sound right. Mclovin there number one on the list. I think this is updated at thirty five number one. Okay seton o'connor yeah. Let's say the steelers. But i'll say the cowboys righty paulie i think it's the bears due to longevity all right. It is the bears with thirty five hall of famers. You're counting decatur. I assume. I guess i mean you got guys in you. Know the nineteen forties nineteen twenty. So this i was surprised. The cowboys are number nine on this list. I would think they were one. Two or three yeah. The eagles are ten. The cowboys are nine. The raiders seventh with the niners. The steelers sixth in there followed by the giants. That's once again longevity. The packers with thirty two the rams with thirty two and i think you have the washington redskins now. The washington football team tied for second on that list with thirty two yarmouth. Paulie have the cowboys had a guy go into. The hall of fame was playing the past two decades. See there's three obvious once you mean the last decade like the all the lyman. Oh you mean yeah the nineties. I was over to go right in the past twenty one years. I i guess. The auburn offense alignment proudly. Well troy when in two thousand. You're not earn their players. Who have played on the cowboys. Since two thousand oh since two thousand Goin' think trying smith tired smith never early. No yeah he's not in. That's interesting that one hall of famer in in two decades Well see they include. Terrel owens like the cowboys also include bill. Parcells okay. So that's a little misleading. There have the raiders had well. Charles woodson is going in this weekend. tim brown played for the raiders. In oh three rod woodson there including him in here. Yeah so. I mean they got jerry. Rice on here the raiders. That's that's a little tricky with you. Know these guys played for you. Okay they did. But that's not what. They're known for alex in pennsylvania. Alex what's on your mind today but one eighty five..

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