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Kelocom new center i'm jack robertson he hub abdul mudehwe jabbar the man best known for flashing weapons as saying be scared in a facebook live video after he was asked to leave a christian at seminar at assu falls hotel has pled guilty to possession of a firearm by a prohibitive person jabbar bars facing up to ten years in prison a quarter of a million dollars in fines and three years probation eddie sentencing which has been set for october 16th he will remain in custody until then it's clear now that both republican candidates for congress in two thousand eighteen is south dakota are not afraid of rattlesnakes dusty johnson was caught on video using an axe to the dark of night to kill a rattlesnake at eighteen camp in the black hills johnson's opponent shanto crabs got equal time maybe you remember the fearless crabs posted a video last august of her holding a long rattlesnake she shot outside her home near pierre so both johnson and crabs are going for the anti rattlesnake vote in south dakota christie noam is giving up south dakota's loan you as representatives seat in congress to run for governor in two thousand eighteen a recent trend of drivers that were not buckled up being killed in accidents has the attention of the highway patrol highway patrol superintendent colonel craig price says it has not take long to be safe for second the put your cbo started and those might be the most of the state troopers are on the road watching for those not buckled in we want to make sure that everybody so taken a very good the portland at an agency can only guy evil toward making those choices that we price says they are also stepping up enforcement of distracted driving laws from the kelocom news said their nick from to kelocom new center i'm jack robertson the news watch never stops kelo newstalk 1320 1079 whether by appears body shop it's he'll season if your car looks like somebody play drums on it with a pair of hammers take it appears on south group avenue peers body shop dot com isolated that is sort of element possible this afternoon along in south the vine ninety temperature today at eighty six low tonight sixty one tomorrow's high 82 developing showered that is your chance of the afternoon best better rain will be coming into tomorrow night into early thursday that's your way whether update.

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