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You've chosen to join me today. So we're going to talk about food venting as this is being recorded. It's scheduled to release just before Christmas. And then we'll take a little bit of time off to celebrate the wonderful Christmas season with family and friends in just take a break. But before I do that I do WanNa talk to you about preventing falls in your loved one especially when there's a lot of people in the house as we increase the chances for those falls we don't WanNa come on the other side of Christmas with black and blue face over a broken hip or a broken arm and unfortunately this is very common for our loved ones with dementia. I know this because I went with my Momma. She never broke anything. Oh how I pray. Please Lord no broken hip Sir. Broken legs or arms but she did follow a couple of times and Mama was real good about sliding forbid she would. That's a southern. Other words you would move for sale to the edge of the bed and instead of standing up which she could not figure out how to do on her own she would die in there she would be lying in the floor and then the staff would have to call and say Miss Vera fail well. She really didn't fall. She just slip out of the best so it was kind of kind of interesting but there are things we can do to prevent or help to reduce is more accurate help to reduce the chances of a fall. We are not going to one hundred percent reduce news or prevent falls. We're not going to one hundred percent prevent falls for anybody. If there's anybody that's good at falling it is me. I can follow him onto a but we can also reduce the chances of falling in the first thing you WanNa do is get the junk out of your house. Now I've been in some your houses. You got too so much you know. What's it? All those shot ski sitting around. Just get the attention over-stimulation. That's not good for your loved ones. Simplicity now not to the point that there's nothing to look at but if you've just got stuff everywhere it's a little bit too Stimulating Environment for folks with dementia. So maybe paring down a little bit too good idea idea but getting all this stuff out of the walkway out of the normal pass from their tier to the kitchen from their chair to the bathroom from their chair to wherever that they may travel that. There's not step they're gonNA catch their feet on and honey throw rugs have got to go. I just throw rugs on the whole are just not safe for most people the only rugs that are in my house are heavy. Rugs that you're not going to get your foot under their very heavy really there cons of rugs but folks with dementia. Their Gate is off. They're not picking up their fate properly. I'm not good at that either. But that's a very easy way to get your foot call or your toe of your shoe or your foot. It caught under that Reagan down. You go you want to store everyday things that they will use within their reach. You don't want somebody reaching way a up high trying to get something to get on their tiptoes. You get up on your tiptoes. It are ones are not weevils. You remember wearables. Oh from the nineteen eighties. I guess we both wobble. But they don't fall down will our folks are not able because they will fall down. I have ever weevils Gosh remember we will NAP. You're listening to this on the podcast rather than seeing the video. You can't say this but you can find it on my website if you want to watch the video. This is a way bulls and they they wobble but they don't fall down but your folks are GonNa fall down and so we want to store those things that they will use every day right within their reach that they can easily get to it in the kitchen. You might consider taking a cabinet door off and leaving that cabinet exposed with the things they will use every day their favorite cereal their favorite snack their brand therefore they're spoon their play their cup. Some Napkins things that they can get to. Where were they? Don't have to search through six drawers and seven or eight cabinets. Define what they want. You WanNa make their room safe to consider handrails on the bed if you are not in a assisted living or an environment that facility type of environment. If you're in the how you can put rails on your band why you you can't do it in an assisted living. I know why it goes against the long most states. But it's just a dumb law but if you can safely put handrails on the bad for your loved one. I am all for now. If using your loved one's going to be one that's going to try to come over those handrails and then fall even further down. Be Aware that don't put them so. Many of our folks just need it for the same reason a kid did they go to turn over they roll and they fall out. You don't want that so you just won't something to kind of protect data eh Bed Rails On the bid or good but think about an adjustable ban now I thought that was going to be really expensive awesome. You know one that raises up and down in. It's nice if the head comes up and down but especially the whole bid will come up and down was able to buy one of those us from Oh Mama for a hundred bucks in the do delivered it. Yeah I mean he had to travel about thirty minutes bring it to me but he did on just needed it out of his house. His brother had passed Asti no longer needed it and it raised up and down. Let me tell you how much easier that may providing care for my mom when she became Immobile and was the bid for twenty four days before passing. We could raise her right up to the proper level for us in cleaner and Washer and change your clothes get comfortable in the low. Oh that bad all the way down anytime. Mom was left alone in her room. That bid was as far down as we go so if she did start to come out of bed she and how far far to go padded mats on the floor. You can buy these mats. They're not super expensive. They're generally blue and they're about the length of the bad not quite so that if they come out of the bad lie Momma did sliding out of the bed. They're going to land on that padded Blue Matt and that's just an extra little precaution caution. It's a good thing if your loved. One is incontinent. You're probably using depends I recommend on the badge. You put those Blue Matt's they're disposable The I don't know what the things are made out of. But if they tink on it absorbs into that blue met in protects the mattress in the buck Willnot box springs. It's not go that far but it protects exum mattress from urine or from anything that might Soil the bandwidth If your folks are not using the peons US still think I would put that between the sheet and the mattress may be such. It's not real obvious. Dozen move or get on Anna in their way just to protect. Be Aware if your folks are. I'm not using depends that they might need depends at night in. Consider they I can tell you something that Change for my mom that I was a little bit startled at when it happened was when they put the kinds of depends on her. That I used a pinch generically PULL UPS on her. That didn't pull up. They were diaper style where they actually actually had tabs at pulled often hooked on each side. Not Ball I duNno. It just bothered me that mom and needed those but see when staff comes in to take take care of the of that person in the middle of the night and they're wet or their soil. It is much easier to change them in the middle of the night with those kinds of on Depend type products on rather than one. That's gotTa pull off the Pajama Bottoms. Pool that down put on the Cleveland. Put on the claim Pajama Bottoms. It's it's a big problem so think about that. It might make you easier. Think about mirrors in your home if you've got mirrors that are at their level that's distracting acting. Believe it or not. It's not something that is necessarily a good idea especially if when the later stages of dementia are folks in those stages may may not recognize that person in the mirror. You gotta remember. They're living back in time. And if they think it's nineteen fifty six and they look in the mirror in in two thousand and nineteen almost two thousand twenty. The person they see they don't recognize because see. They think that they're eighteen years old are they think they're however role in this person is not and they really can start thinking that there's a stranger in their room it's frightening They want you to get that person out. That shows up every every time they go on their own. They're there every time in. Its that person in the mirror so be aware of that. Make sure that any medications. They are on if the side effect is dizziness. In his that you're aware of that and maybe talk to the doctors or something that we can doesn't cause dizziness but that can be a problem. Make sure that dentures here's hearing aids. Glasses are all stored in a in an area where they can easily get to them. Don't put the hearing aid a bonus shelf in the in the medicine. Listen cabinet or the glasses or the dangerous were. They can't reach them at night because they may wake up and decide. They need those. They need to be at their level where they can easily get to them. Make sure they fit properly on them. adequately make sure their shoes fit. You know if we're walking around and shoes that don't fit or shoes that are warm. Then it just increases your chances of fall plus damage to the flood. It's just not good and then make sure they're hydrated whale and fan well and they're not hungry or thirsty. Those are things that make dementia worst in not being hydrated leads to constipation. Constipation makes dementia. Worst but then you don't want to be constantly constantly drinking drinking drinking thinking you're going to keep them from being dehydrated because then they're just going to think. Oh more so make sure you gotTA balance. They're maybe limiting caffeine vein not overdoing caffeine and not overdoing on. Fizzy waters are Carbonated drinks there. You go because that will make the tinkle more than what we got to take. All the more gotta go the bathroom but keep that balance so that they don't become dehydrated. Well just a few tips for maybe reducing your chances of your I loved one falling. We're not gonNA prevent at one hundred percent but we sure go to work to reduce it. You know the human skin is not made to survive going SPLAT. You'RE GONNA come up all black and blue. That's not a good look. Are I hope that helps you see you. Next time. bye-bye let's talk. Dementia would like to thank our sponsors answers National Association of Veterans and families. You can reach them at eight hundred three five to to nine one nine on the Internet at www dot evia dot org. They speak veterans. So you don't have to and you tell them Carol Saint you when you call to inquire about benefits for the veteran spouse of the better or both editor bed you can find Ms Beth crosby at editor Beth Dot Com. She is amazing. Looking at what you've written in making sure it represents presents you will find her at. WWW dot editor Beth dot com and HD imports located on Flint Street extension in Rock Hill. Oh South Carolina. That's your county halo. Three nine eight five zero nine eight five. They are there for the hunt the repair and maintenance of your Honda Hyundai Toyota Kia. Tell Them Carol CINCI. Thanks for joining us today for peril. Howls let's talk dementia to learn more about dementia? We recommend Carols Barrels bestselling book also titled. Let's talk dementia. It's available on Amazon in paperback and kindle versions short like let's talk dementia on facebook and leave. That's a kind word of review on itunes. Remember knowledge brings power power brings hope hope bring smiles and we all need more smiles. Thanks for joining us today. And we'll be right here when you come back to. Let's talk dementia..

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