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Double up the Mariners four to Lance Lynn six strong for the victory down Potenza struggled but worked out of a bases-loaded Jan to pick up his third safe. I Andrew mccutchen. Let off the game with a home run Austin role mind. The go ahead solo shot in the seven makes a ten players now with double digit home runs we've gotten production from a lot of different places. Maybe even that we didn't expect coming into the year. Guys have had to play more young guys has really taken over obviously significant roles. So the fact that we've gotten production from everywhere, I think is a big reason we're having a strong year Aaron Boone on you, ask labor Torres Giancarlo Stanton. Each knocked in Iran is now pulled to within seven and a half the Red Sox in the east. Also kept that three and a half game bulge on the as for the top wildcard. Bombers look for the sweep today. CCC Tabatha Rosborough Ramirez coverage on the fan at four ten for the Mets story. We get the sports Merlin Ed Coleman. Todd. Frazier homered and drove in four runs and Tomasz Neto had a three-run second inning double as the Mets doubled up. Philadelphia. Ten. A five at city field Saturday night Noah Syndergaard had the lead the game in the seventh after being hit in the ribcage by a Cesar Hernandez line drive. X rays were negative. Syndergaard not at his best allowing twelve hits and five walks. But still one is eleven game of the season. Michael conforto. It is twenty second home run. And Jeff McNeil added three more hits. He has forty seven in forty three games for the Phillies. Hernandez went four for four with three Rb is and Reese Hoskins slugged his twenty nine th Homer. The Mets have won five of seven. Philly has lost thirteen of nineteen vinyl again. Mets ten Phillies five checking the scoreboard. The brewers have been in the giants for three pirates. Stop the Marlins five one national sweat. The double dip from the cubs. Ten three and six five Braves LS the Diamondbacks. Five four and ten reds finished off the Padres. Seven two in a rain-shortened seven Rockies up of the dodgers four to back. The the Astros down the Red Sox five three as outscore the Rangers. Eight six Indians Bluejays nine eight raised. The Orioles ten five angels overpower the White Sox twelve three royals handle the Indians, four one and interleague. The Tigers edge the cardinals four three some controversy at the US open giants getting ready for that season opener and plenty of college football. What check all that next WFAN twenty twenty sports time is five oh two. We were hard at being healthier..

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