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In prison for his role in a drug trafficking ring cavazos and his co defendants were accused of distributing marijuana in new mexico and around the country between two thousand eight and two thousand fifteen his wife lindsay has also entered a guilty plea to charges that include money laundering a half dozen others have pled not guilty and are awaiting trial and an arizona man gets ten years in prison for smuggling drugs across the border in southern new mexico thirtysixyearold has seuss kiddos was arrested in september of two thousand sixteen at the new mexico port of entry near lord's berg federal prosecutors say that he had one hundred and forty eight pounds of cocaine and more than ten pounds of the powerful painkiller fenton hill and his truck at the time of his arrest kiddos was on probation for state cocaine trafficking convicts nations in arizona and a man denied entry to a knob hill bar in albuquerque ends up facing charges twenty two year old a larger deloche was seen by workers in the bar drinking outside of the establishment they would not let him in and enter the bar and to low scott angry police say he threatened to get a gun and he then came back to the bar at closing time and fired shots nearly hitting two employees deloche is now in jail charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and other offenses and the downtown albuquerque business that sells point of sales software for restaurants is moving love who is currently located at first and central but it needs more space so it's moving to the plaza building nearby just south of civic plaza the startup company is getting a two hundred and seventy thousand dollar grant from the local economic development act the grant funding was approved by the bernalillo county commission this week thank you for joining us i'm mike gabel on.

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